Eat vegetables and always tangled pesticide residues?

Eat vegetables and always tangled pesticide residues?

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It is generally worried about the problem of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables today.

How can I ensure that I eat green and healthy vegetables at the same time?

Residual pesticides will not be eaten into the stomach together.

Prior to the start, a popular sort of pesticide residue from low to high:

Edible Fungi < Melon < Onion Garlic < Sweet Potato Root Vegetables < Green Leaf Vegetables < Cabbage < Solanum < Beans

How many mistakes have you made while walking around the pesticide?

Misunderstanding 1 How much fruit and vegetable detergent is good?

Detergents are not recommended to be used too much, and the benzene ring in the chemical structure is highly toxic, and residues on fruits and vegetables are detrimental to health.

In recent years, popular pesticide degradation agents claim to use bio-enzymes to degrade pesticides into carbon dioxide and water, but their effects are very unstable.

Our fruit and vegetable machine uses four electrolytic sheets, powerful high-concentration electrolysis, water electrolysis to produce hydroxide ions, strong oxidative sterilization, easy to use, ready to make, no ozone, no secondary pollution.

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