In addition to the haze, air purifiers are also important in these situations

In addition to the haze, air purifiers are also important in these situations

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In many people’s minds, people only need an air purifier when the fog is rampant. But in the absence of smog, is the air around us really safe and clean? This is not the case. The air purifier is not only a necessity for the autumn and winter seasons, it is equally important at other times. So in addition to the haze, what other circumstances need to use an air purifier? Let me talk about it in detail.

Family with asthma and allergic patients

We all know that patients with a history of asthma and allergies are most sensitive to airborne pollutants, especially some allergens, which will greatly aggravate the patient’s condition. In the spring and summer, due to the high temperature and humidity, we will produce a large number of allergens and pathogenic bacteria such as bacteria, viruses, pollen, etc., affecting the normal life of sensitive people. Therefore, in the spring and summer season, we need to turn on the air purifier to remove allergens and germs from the air.

Family with pets

People who have pets in their homes know that it is very troublesome to clean up the hair and feces of small animals. Not only is the trouble, the hair is easy to cause allergies, the smell of feces is more difficult, so it is necessary to prepare an air purifier. In addition, pets are animals after all, so many people carry bacteria and viruses, which is also a key point to clean up.

New home renovation family

After the renovation of the new house, the most important thing is to remove formaldehyde. However, it is slow to open the window only every day. In order to quickly remove formaldehyde, window ventilation and air purifiers are more efficient. Therefore, it is necessary to use an air purifier with a formaldehyde removal function for a home that has just completed renovation.

Closer place

Such places as basements, Internet cafes, KTV, billiard halls, etc., due to the relatively closed environment, poor air mobility and complex personnel, the air quality is quite bad, so these places need to open air purifiers all year round.

Driver who drives often

Often running on the road, closing the window is prone to lack of oxygen, and opening the window exhaust is very heavy, so it is necessary to place an air purifier inside the car. In addition, some drivers like to smoke and refresh, air purifiers can effectively remove second-hand smoke, it is recommended that drivers who drive often put a car purifier in the car.

In addition to the above circumstances, the air purifier needs to be turned on, and there are many matters needing attention in the process of using the air purifier. For example, use a purifier in a closed indoor state; when the filter is used up to the upper limit, it should be replaced in time to avoid secondary pollution; use the purifier to follow the principle of air flow, etc… If you do not use the purifier according to the rules. The more dirty the air is, the more dirty it is!

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