In the haze season, it is better to use the air purifier instead.

In the haze season, it is better to use the air purifier instead.

In the face of smog, it is essential to wear a mask when going out. Many families will try to reduce the number of outings and choose to stay indoors. In fact, smog does not exist outside, but there are also harmful particles in the room. Even if the doors and windows are closed, the smog that is inaccessible will slip in. In addition, personnel activities, cooking, and smoking can also raise the level of indoor particulate matter, which is harmful to our health.
The air purifier can remove these particles and has a certain removal ability for gaseous pollutants and microorganisms. Two key parameters should be seen when purchasing.

Clean Air Volume (CADR)
Reflecting the actual working capacity of the purifier, it can be expressed in terms of the volume of air that can be purified per unit time. Different room sizes should be selected for air purifiers with different CADR values.

Cumulative Purification (CCM)
This refers to how much the purifier filter can absorb contaminants. Among them, the cumulative purification amount of the particulate matter is specified to be not less than 3000 mg.
In addition, when purchasing the purifier, you should also pay attention to other health parameters, such as the emission of harmful substances such as ozone and the size of machine noise.

Buying a top-rated large room air purifier will also be used
1. Use top rated large room air purifier in the case of severe air pollution, it is best to close the doors and windows to ensure a good purification effect. If the atmospheric air quality is good, there is no need to turn on the air purifier for a long time, and natural ventilation should be the first choice.
2. The air purifier should not be placed on the wall or furniture. It is best to put it in the middle of the house or leave the wall more than 1 meter away from the wall.
3. The air inlet of the air purifier has a coarse filter or a dust collecting net. It should be cleaned frequently and dried naturally after washing.
4. When using the air purifier, pay attention to the regular replacement of the filter element. The time for replacing the filter element should be determined according to the actual use time of the product.

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