In these five situations, you must use an air purifier!

In these five situations, you must use an air purifier!

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Air pollution refers to an environmental phenomenon that harms human comfort and health when certain substances enter the atmosphere due to human activities or natural processes. The concept of air pollution is due to the outbreak of smog. But in fact, our indoor air pollution is even more serious. Then you don’t need an air purifier in your home. Please check the number according to the following five situations!

1.New home decoration: The reason why the decoration is placed in front is because the decoration pollution is really terrible. As we all know, after the renovation of the new house, the formaldehyde in the room will inevitably exceed the standard.

Because urea-formaldehyde resin binders are used in a large number of artificial panels, adhesives are required for the manufacture of new furniture, wall and floor decoration, and a large amount of formaldehyde is released in these places. In addition, some chemical fiber carpets and paints also contain a certain amount of formaldehyde.

It is undeniable that the importance of formaldehyde in the decoration process is also undeniable. The toxicity of formaldehyde is very harmful to the human body. After inhaling high concentration of formaldehyde, serious irritation of the respiratory tract and edema, eye irritation and headache may occur. Bronchial asthma can occur and even induce childhood leukemia.

In addition to formaldehyde, newly renovated houses usually have higher concentrations of benzene, xylene and other pollutants, which will also cause great harm to our health. These pollutants, air purification equipment can be better removed, so newly renovated houses can be considered to install air purification equipment.

2.Urban houses: Many people will be very curious. Why do urban houses need air purifiers? This is because the traffic volume in the urban area is very large. For the lower-floor residents, the damage from the automobile exhaust is relatively more Bigger.

According to statistics, every thousand vehicles emit about 3000kg of carbon monoxide, 200-400kg of hydrocarbons, and 50-150kg of nitrogen oxides per day. Automobile exhaust contains pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and soot particles. These pollutants are not only the culprit of atmospheric pollution, but also the culprit of our health! Therefore, air purifiers are also needed.

3.Smoking households: The smoke released by burning tobacco contains more than 3,800 kinds of known chemicals, most of which are harmful to human body, including carbon monoxide, nicotine, heavy metals, etc., and the scope is very wide. Mainly talk about the relationship between cigarettes and PM2.5.

Many people think that cigarettes have nothing to do with PM2.5. However, according to experiments, the concentration of PM2.5 has increased by 3 times in a closed environment. The air purifier has a very strong removal capability for PM2.5, and an air purifier is required below.

4.People who are allergic to pollen and dust: In addition to man-made air pollution, nature itself has some so-called “contaminants”. More specifically, it is small particles such as pollen, and some people will not be affected by these. But for people with allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma, etc., they are pollutants.

The diameter of the pollen is generally around 30 to 50 microns. These particles are small in diameter, but they are easily filtered out for most air purifiers on the market, because most of the products are compared to their small PM2.5 particles. Can filter.

5.Family with children: For children, the body’s immunity is in the developmental stage, and the resistance to external pollutants is very weak. Once exposed to pollutants, it is easy to induce a series of complications, and research shows that Air pollution can also affect the intellectual development of children, so in order to protect the physical and mental health of children, an air purifier must be prepared.

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