Indoor air quality has always been a public blind spot for public awareness

Indoor air quality has always been a public blind spot for public awareness

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Tsinghua University released the ‘National Indoor Indoor PM2.5 Air Pollution Research Report’, which was jointly initiated by the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University, the Building Environment Monitoring Center of Tsinghua University and the Southern Weekend Green News Department.

The indoor PM2.5 intake is 4 times that of the outdoor; during the sampling period, there is 1/3 of the time, and the indoor air is at the ‘pollution’ level. Under the same external conditions, the indoor level of the PM2.5 above the 17th floor is the best, and the indoor level below the 8th floor is the worst. The indoor level of the office environment is slightly better than the living environment.

Recently, indoor PM2.5 air pollution has gradually received attention from all parties. At the end of 2014, researchers in Shenyang sent professional testers to check indoor PM2.5 for free in the registration family, and planned to collect 1,000 survey samples. In early 2015, Wuxi began to set up 75 monitoring in 17 public places in the city. Point, detecting indoor air quality; in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the micro-assembly laboratory (Fab Lab) is also engaged in the collection of relevant air quality data, the laboratory director Thomas Diez told Southern Weekend reporters, the laboratory is collecting worldwide Volunteers recently installed two sensing devices in China.

However, the traditional detection method has the problem of poor generalization. ‘What we have been very annoyed in the past is how to obtain the indoor air data of the country, the research and testing by researchers everywhere, the personnel and the cost are too high,’ said Mo Jinhan, an associate professor at the School of Architecture at Tsinghua University.

In the eyes of Zhang Lin, who has been researching wireless sensor networks, sensors and big data, coupled with low-cost and cloud-calibrated technology innovations, offer new possibilities for large-scale, all-weather environmental data monitoring.

‘The significance of air quality big data lies in the fact that we no longer use a small number of sampling tests to estimate the overall situation. Instead, we directly conduct a panoramic tracking and investigation of the participants’ lives, which is equivalent to giving the public a more accurate perception of the air. The ability of quality.’ Zhang Lin, the research project sponsor and associate professor of electronic engineering at Tsinghua University, said that the original intention of his research was to encourage the society to use environmental data instead of emotional judgment to look at environmental issues. In addition, they also use the cloud calibration function to reduce the error of small sensors.

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