Indoor indoor air pollution

Indoor indoor air pollution

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When it comes to air pollution, the first thing that people think of may be smog, PM2.5, dust, and formaldehyde, but they often overlook important points: microbial contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. According to a report in the Journal of the Royal Society of B (Biosciences), the microbes that we ‘co-located’ include more than 7,000 bacteria and more than 2,000 fungi, many of which may induce various acute infectious diseases. Pathogenic bacteria. Indoor bacterial contamination is a serious threat to human health and can cause various diseases such as various respiratory diseases, asthma, and building syndrome.

Biological pollution

Definition: Pollutants, allergens and other pathogens and allergens that are harmful to humans and organisms pollute water, gas, soil and food, affecting biological production and endangering human health. For example, pollution caused by bacteria, aphids, SARS viruses, and avian influenza viruses.

Characteristics of biological pollution:

First, it is difficult to predict, and it is difficult to predict when and where foreign creatures will invade.

Second, the incubation period is long. After an alien invasion, the incubation period lasts for several years, even decades. Therefore, it is difficult to be discovered and it is difficult to follow up.

The third is destructive, unconsciously, various rashes, viral infections, etc. appear on the skin.

Biological pollution can be divided into: according to different species:

Animal pollution (mainly harmful insects, parasites, protozoa, aquatic animals, etc.)

Plant pollution (weed is the most common contaminant species, as well as certain tree species and algae, etc.)

Microbial contamination (including viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.).


Indoor biological pollution includes bacteria, fungi (including fungal spores), filter viruses, dust mites, Legionella, animal dander and biologically active substances, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and the like.

Biological pollution can be divided into four categories:

First, mold, it is the main cause of allergic diseases

The second is pollen from plants, such as the sycamore pollen mentioned above.

The third is bacteria and viruses carried by humans, animals, soil and plant debris.

The fourth is dust mites and hair and dander from cats, dogs and birds.

Raw material pollution

In the early stage of collection and processing of food raw materials, many bacteria are often attached to the surface, especially fruits, vegetables, meat and aquatic products with damaged surfaces. Cooking utensils and tableware are contaminated.

Processing pollution

Processed foods are mostly packaged foods, generally cleaner, but also subject to secondary pollution. When the sanitary condition of the kitchen is poor, the bacteria floating in the air will settle to the surface of the food; during the cooking process, if you do not pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked, the bacteria will be transferred from the fresh food or semi-finished products to the cooked food, causing the food to cross. Pollution; food cooking and processing personnel can directly or indirectly cause bacterial contamination of food through their hands, clothes, respiratory tract, hair, etc. if they do not pay attention to personal hygiene or infectious diseases; seasonings used in cooking and processing (such as soy sauce) ) and if water contains bacteria, it can also cause bacterial contamination of food.

Indoor pollution

For example: air conditioning pollution

When the air conditioner circulates through the air duct, the bacteria and microorganisms carried in it gradually become more and more, and a secondary pollution source is formed, which causes the bacteria to multiply.

Food contamination

Harmful microorganisms and parasites or eggs contaminate food, which can cause food to spoil or produce toxins, poisoning people after eating, or causing parasitic diseases.

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