Is smog and PM2.5 the same thing?

Is smog and PM2.5 the same thing?

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Speaking of PM2.5, many people have conceptual errors, and PM2.5 is smog. Both are the same thing. But in fact, the two are not equal to the relationship, they should belong to the inclusion relationship. Then why is there such a misunderstanding? To understand the relationship between the two, we must first define two concepts:

What is PM2.5?

PM is an abbreviation for English Particulatematter particles, and 2.5 indicates the diameter of such particles. Particulate matter is generally divided into two categories: PM2.5 and PM10. PM2.5 refers to particles of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in diameter, which corresponds to 1/20 of the diameter of the hairline and have reached the critical value of the alveoli. The fine particles below PM2.5, the nose and throat of the human body can not stop, they can go down all the way into the bronchioles, alveoli, and then enter the capillaries through the alveolar wall, and then enter the entire blood circulation system. Injuries the human respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

PM10 is a particle with a diameter of less than or equal to 10 microns. The volume is 64 times that of PM2.5. The throat is the terminal station of PM10. The mucus secreted by the throat surface will stick to them. It can be discharged through spitting, so it is harmful to the human body. Not big.

What is smog?

Haze weather is a state of air pollution, and smog is a general expression of excessive levels of suspended particulate matter in the atmosphere. The smog we often say is actually a combination of fog and sputum, but the fog is fog, the sputum is sputum, and the difference between fog and scorpion is great. Simply put, the tiny water droplets in the air are fog, which is a liquid, while the cockroaches are solid. They are composed of tiny dust particles, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and inhalable particles in the air. It can make the air turbid and the visibility is reduced. The combination of the two is smog. The combination of the two, the metaphor of the image, is that the children play with mud, mix the sand and water together, and mix and dirty.

Relationship between the two

Many people will mix the two into a concept, and think that smog is PM2.5. In fact, PM2.5 is only one component of smog. The two are inclusive and not equal. The reason for this conceptual error is that PM2.5 particles are the main component of cockroaches, which is the most harmful to the human body and the ‘culprit’ of smog weather. Therefore, the key to managing smog is to solve PM2. .5 question. Therefore, many news or articles will use PM2.5 as a synonym for smog, causing a public error in concept.

PM2.5 promotes the formation of haze weather, and the haze weather can further aggravate the accumulation of PM2.5. In the haze, the humidity in the air is high, and the droplets provide a place for adsorption and reaction. The polluted gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the air will generate PM2.5 particles through atmospheric chemical reactions. The accumulation of PM2.5 also accelerates the fog. The generation of smog, the two interact.

Compared with coarser atmospheric particles, PM2.5 has a small particle size, large area, strong activity, and is easy to attach toxic and harmful substances (such as heavy metals, bacteria, etc.), which will promote the spread of disease and the residence time in the atmosphere. Long and long-distance transmission, it has a greater impact on human health and the quality of the atmospheric environment.

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