Is the air purifier useful?

Is the air purifier useful?

Nowadays people are living in a worse and worse environment. Endless industrial emissions and ubiquitous automobile exhausts have led to increasing air pollution. Studies have shown that contemporary people living in dirty air will lose 10 years of life! The haze weather, PM2.5 has warned people of the serious impact of air pollution. The indoor air pollution poses a greater threat to the human body, so many consumers have purchased top rated air purifiers for large rooms. However, there are always many consumers who have a question in mind: Is the large room HEPA filter air purifier useful?
Beijing TV’s “Life Face to Face” program has been useful for air purifiers. The program team once experimented with two air purifiers at the Environmental Quality Testing Center of Tsinghua University to explain whether the air purifier is useful. The test results in the sealed environmental chamber reduced the concentration of respirable particulate matter in tank 1 by 65% ​​and the concentration of respirable particulate matter in tank 2 by 59.5%. It can be seen from the experimental results that the air purifier can effectively reduce the inhalable particulate matter, thereby effectively indicating whether this problem is useful in the air purifier.
Consumers can also judge the usefulness of air purifiers from the principle of air purifiers. There are three principles of air purifiers: passive purification (filter purification), active purification (no filter) and dual purification (active purification + passive purification). The passive air purifier principle draws air into the machine through a fan, filters the air through the built-in filter, and can filter dust, odor, toxic gases and kill some bacteria. The principle of the active air purifier is free from the limitation of the fan and the filter screen and effectively releases the sterilized silver to the air to achieve air purification in all corners of the room.

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