Is the air purifier useful? The focus when buying an air purifier!

Is the air purifier useful? The focus when buying an air purifier!

No matter what brand of large room air purifier you buy, you must first figure out which area you are using, whether it is used for dust removal, sterilization or other, and you should choose according to different areas and prices that you can accept, such as a room. If it is relatively large, you should choose an air purifier that purifies the air volume per unit time.
Today, I will talk to you about the key points of choosing a large room HEPA air purifier. If you are ready to buy or have a need to buy, you can refer to the reference!

The key points you should know when purchasing an air purifier
The quality of the product is the guarantee for the long-term normal operation of the product and the effect. Therefore, when selecting the air purifier, you must choose an air purifier with product quality certification. It is best to check whether it has a quality certification report. It is said that the quality of well-known brands is relatively guaranteed, and this is also the necessity of a simple understanding of the question of “what brand of air purifier is good”.
The filter has four main functions: filtration, adsorption, decomposition, and humidification. The types of filters include pre-filters, washable deodorizing filters, formaldehyde removal filters, dust collection filters, and humidifying filters. When choosing an air purifier, remember to ask the type of business filter and the number of layers it has, and the design, manufacturing process, materials, formula, and ventilation area of ​​the filter determine the effect of the machine purifying the air.

Each brand of air purifier has different wind speed design, so the noise generated during its operation is also different, but in general, the machine will feel the sound is very low when the machine is running, and the sound is running at high speed. It is relatively large, so when choosing an air purifier, you can first try to see if the sound decibel emitted by the machine during high-end operation is within the acceptable range.
power consumption
The electric power of the air purifier during operation is the basis for judging the amount of power consumption. The larger the general air volume and the larger the purifying area, the larger the electric power required, and the power consumption will, of course, be larger.
Nowadays, there are many brands of air purifiers on the market, and the price is also chaotic. Therefore, when choosing an air purifier, the price is also a very important factor, if the air purifiers are excellent in product quality and purification effect. The selling price should be determined by the applicable area certified by the authoritative testing department. The larger the applicable air purifier, the higher the price.
Of course, in addition to the five aspects mentioned above, it is necessary to focus on understanding, and other things can not be ignored. For example, the formaldehyde removal rate, air volume, and purification area of ​​the air purifier are only comprehensively understood by the air purifier. I don’t think that “the air purifier is useful” or “what brand of air purifier is the best” before buying an air purifier.

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