Is the fruit and vegetable machine useful? One is stronger than one!

Is the fruit and vegetable machine useful? One is stronger than one!

As the strength of scientific research continues to increase, people’s research on melons and vegetables has also risen to the next level. In today’s society, fresh fruits and vegetables can be eaten all year round, and the variety is more abundant. Give us a convenient experience, but it also brings us drawbacks. That is the problem of pesticide residues. We often judge whether there are pesticide residues when choosing fruits and vegetables. This has become a heart disease, and the emergence of fruit and vegetable cleaning machines has helped people solve this problem. Today we are one. Look up, is the fruit and vegetable machine useful?

What is a pesticide?
Pesticides are a special kind of chemical that can help prevent and control agricultural and forestry pests and diseases. At the same time, it can cause physical harm to humans and animals. Its existence will benefit human beings on the one hand and harm to human health and the environment on the other hand.
According to many studies, pesticide utilization is generally 10% and about 90% of the residue in the environment, causing environmental pollution. After use, the pesticide will volatilize into the air, flow into the water body or accumulate in the soil, and will pollute the agricultural and livestock fish and fruit products, and then be eaten by the human body, causing harm to the human body.

The toxicity of pesticides is large, and the residual time in the environment is too long. Once consumed by the human body, it will cause cumulative poisoning, and such poisoning will show symptoms after a long time of accumulation, which is generally not taken seriously by people. But once it breaks out, it will bring serious consequences that cannot be ignored for our health.
What is a fruit and vegetable machine?
Fruit and vegetable machine is a new type of environmental protection product produced in recent years. It has become popular in recent years. It can help people easily wash vegetables and fruits at home, and can also clean meat, seafood and other ingredients. The society, the fruit and vegetable machine can be said to be one of the essential cleaning products in the home.

The cleaning effect of the fruit and vegetable machine is generally derived from the internal ozone water. When the fruit and vegetable machine starts working, it will supply power to the ozone generator, generate ozone through the generator and transport it to the washing tub, form ozone water in the water, and pass the ozone water to the melon. Fruits and vegetables are sterilized, disinfected, and degraded.

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