Is the fruit and vegetable washing machine really useful?

Is the fruit and vegetable washing machine really useful?

Today, fruit and vegetable pesticides, preservatives, and edible fruit waxes are widely used. Fruit and vegetable washing machines have become an essential choice for modern families. Fruit and vegetable washing machines are the machines used to clean fruits and vegetables, but the cleaning here is not only to clean the dirt on fruits and vegetables but to clean up the fruits and vegetables, pesticide residues, etc. that cannot be washed off with water. Therefore, people have doubts about the fruit and vegetable machine, because we can’t identify the bacteria and pesticides with the naked eye, so there is no way to identify whether it can really clean the fruits and vegetables. Is the fruit and vegetable machine really useful?

The fruit and vegetable washing machine means that it supplies electricity to the ozone generator to achieve ozone during work. It mainly uses ozone technology to play the three major roles of decomposing pesticides and hormones, separating heavy metal ions, and preserving and deodorizing.
1. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, can rapidly oxidize and oxidize molecular chains, and make pesticides and hormones become stable inorganic compounds. At the same time, ozone can also rapidly oxidize the cell walls of bacteria and viruses to form five-grade compounds, which can be disinfected. the goal of.
2. The cation in ozone can oxidize heavy metal ions dissolved in water into non-toxic and high-valent compounds insoluble in water, and precipitate and separate them.
3. Fruits and vegetables washed with ozone water can extend the shelf life by 2-3 times, while ozone can also remove the unpleasant taste.

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