Is the fruit and vegetable washing machine useful? Large working principle

Is the fruit and vegetable washing machine useful? Large working principle

With the continuous advancement of technology, more and more high-tech, smart home appliances have entered people’s lives. Especially the small kitchen appliances, such as egg cookers, breakfast and toasters, even fruit and vegetable washing machines are gradually accepted by people, so what is the role of fruit and vegetable washing machine, what is its role? The author will come to you briefly today:

The actual fruit and vegetable washing machine is a cleaning machine with an ozone generator installed at the bottom, mainly for cleaning vegetables and fruits.

The principle is that when the vegetable washing machine is working, the ozone generator is supplied with electricity, and the ozone generator generates ozone, which is transported by the ozone pump through the ozone tube to the washing tub of the vegetable washing machine, and is in contact with the water machine in the washing tub, dissolved in the washing machine. Ozone water is formed in the water, which has strong sterilization, disinfection, and degradation of pesticides.

The role of ozone:

1. Decomposition of pesticides and hormones and toxins: Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, rapidly oxidizing pesticides, and hormone molecular chains, and turning pesticides and hormones into stable inorganic compounds;

Sterilization and disinfection: single atoms in ozone have strong permeability, rapidly oxidize the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, and produce inorganic compounds, which serve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection;

2. Separation of heavy metal ions: oxygen atoms in ozone can oxidize heavy metal ions dissolved in water into non-toxic and high-valent compounds insoluble in water, and precipitate and separate them;

3, preservation, deodorization function: vegetables washed with ozone water, or vegetables blew with ozone gas, can extend the fresh-keeping period 2-3 times, ozone gas can remove the smell of the bathroom, except for the smell of fish in the kitchen Mildewy smell of rice.

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