Is the sterilization function of the air purifier really useful?

Is the sterilization function of the air purifier really useful?

Affected by China’s PM2.5 air problem, the number of households purchasing air purifiers in Japan has also increased. There are also many families who want to buy an air purifier to prevent the flu.
This time, let us explore the “how well the flu defense effect of air purifiers” from a medical point of view.
Some home appliance merchants use the “clearing germs” to start advertising slogans. In the company’s research and papers, the sterilization effect of air purifiers is also very significant. But what is the effectiveness of the top Hepa air purifier in the actual use of the family?
· The experimental environment differs from the home use environment
This is because the experiment is to obtain experimental data in a specific environment, and does not obtain actual family data.
Nishimura Izumi of the Influenza Division of the Clinical Research Department of the Sendai Medical Center has published a related paper entitled “Performance Evaluation of High-Performance Electrical Appliances on the Market to Eliminate the Activity of Airborne Influenza Viruses” (Japan Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2011). “Verification of the ability of all kinds of purification appliances claiming to have a bactericidal effect to eliminate bacteria in a dry state” (Journal of the Japan Society for Environmental Infections, 2012).
It is still somewhat difficult to read the text. In terms of the results alone, the author is questioning the effect of the air purifier on eliminating the activation of pathogens (the viable bacteria).
· So, how to prevent germs is correct?
Below, we have selected some of the materials published in the “Influenza Care Guide 2013-14” (Nippon Medical News Agency).
Purifying electrical appliances produced by large electrical appliances rely on the release of special substances into the air to achieve the “eliminating the activating and bactericidal effects of planktonic bacteria”. It is not only suitable for general households, but also suitable for medical sites, and can be expanded. It is used on other occasions in the city.
However, the effectiveness of the sterilization of these appliances is currently only unilaterally stated by the manufacturer, and no third party provides an objective and impartial inspection report.
The effect of eliminating the activity of airborne bacteria in the air does not achieve the desired effect in practical use. In contrast, a superior air purifier with superior performance is much better.
※Excerpted from “Influenza Care and Treatment Guide 2013-14” (Japan Medical News Agency)
There are a lot of electrical appliances that say they have various functions, but they can’t be used in practical applications. Therefore, only the air purifier with a filter and pure purification is worthy of possession.
Humidifiers are superior to air purifiers in terms of preventing bacteria. Its advantages are: the epidemic influenza virus prefers an environment with a temperature of about 15 to 20 and a humidity of about 20%. A slightly cold and dry environment is no better. But the humidifier can maintain more than 40% of the air humidity in the dry winter.
When the air humidity rises, the defense function of the human throat and trachea will also be improved, so it can be said that the humidifier has achieved the effect of preventing infection. Of course, if used in conjunction with a clean air purifier, the preventive effect will be even higher!

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