Lake Geneva is floating a lot of ‘PM2.5 in the lake world’

Lake Geneva is floating a lot of ‘PM2.5 in the lake world’

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The quiet and romantic blue-green of Switzerland’s largest lake looks like crystal clear, but it is not so clean and pollution-free: The recent analysis by the Oceaneye group shows that Lake Geneva contains a large number of plastics with a particle size of less than 20 cm. Scrap, and these plastic fibers, granules or films are aptly described as ‘PM2.5 in the lake world.’

Water samples collected from 14 locations in Lake Geneva (also known as ‘Liemen Lake’) in 2018 show that there is a plastic waste of 1-20 mm in size per square kilometer of lake. Up to 129 grams; the total number of microplastic pollutants floating in the largest lake in this alpine lake group has reached 14 million.

Microplastics can be classified into primary microplastics and secondary microplastics depending on the source. The nascent micro-plastics are industrial products of plastic granules discharged into the marine environment through rivers, sewage treatment plants, etc., such as micro-plastic granules contained in cosmetics, toothpaste, facial cleansers, etc., or plastic granules and resin granules as industrial raw materials. Secondary microplastics are plastic pellets that are split and reduced in size by large plastic waste through physical, chemical, and biological processes.

Researchers from the ‘Ocean Ocean’ group said in an interview with the Swiss public television station RTS that although food packaging constitutes the main source of microplastics, it is difficult to determine or confirm what is the most critical plastic pellet in Lake Geneva. ‘The initiator’.

The researchers also explained that once a large-sized plastic piece is left in the water for a certain period of time, the ‘heat’ of the ultraviolet light, the air flow, and the ‘cohesion’ of the wave pressure of the water flow will break it down into small particles that are difficult to eradicate. .

‘There is a significant impact on the fauna of Lake Geneva,’ says Gaël Potter, scientific director of the ‘Ocean of the Seas’. In particular, animals that swallow these microplastics into the abdomen present digestive problems.

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