Water pollution is more worrying under the smog. Fortunately, you can choose drinking water

Water pollution is more worrying under the smog. Fortunately, you can choose drinking water

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A number of media disclosed that the ‘Ministry of Water Resources’ Groundwater Dynamics Monthly Report’ showed that more than 80% of groundwater in plains and basins was contaminated. The monitoring showed that there were 691 Class IV waters, accounting for 32.9%; and 499 Class V waters, accounting for 47.3%, accounting for 80.2% of the total. It is worth noting that Class IV water is mainly suitable for general industrial water use areas and recreational water areas that are not directly in contact with human body. It is not suitable for human consumption, and Class V water pollution is more serious. The ‘Monthly Report’ also showed that the “three nitrogen” pollution in the main pollution indicators was heavier, and some areas had some pollution of heavy metals and toxic organic substances.

After the matter was reported by the media, it caused widespread public concern. The Ministry of Water Resources also convened an emergency news briefing that more than 80% of groundwater can not be misread. Because this time monitoring shallow groundwater, the underground drinking water source is mainly deep groundwater. At present, the overall quality of groundwater drinking water sources is good. However, the explanations of relevant departments have failed to alleviate public concerns about water pollution.

Surface water: 68 antibiotic invasive
Not only groundwater, but in fact, surface water was “fallen” due to pollution as early as 2014 – ‘China’s surface water contains 68 antibiotics, and another 90 non-antibiotic medical ingredients have been detected…’ The above conclusion is from East China University of Science and Technology. The research papers jointly completed by the research teams of Tongji University and Tsinghua University have been published in the 9th issue of Science Bulletin in 2014. The reason for containing medicine in water is that after taking the medicine, the unabsorbed part of the medicine is discharged to the toilet, and then enters the sewage system for treatment and flows into the river, reservoir or lake. It is then purified by the waterworks and once again becomes drinking water for the public. However, the purification process of the water plant does not remove the residual components of the drug.

What is even more worrying is that studies have shown that even trace drugs can affect kidney cell embryos, human blood cells and breast cancer cells. Long-term consumption of water containing drug residues may cause rapid growth of cancer cells, slow development of kidney cells, and vigorous biological activity of blood cells.

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