Must the gel used in the RF beauty instrument be used? What kind of gel is good?

Must the gel used in the RF beauty instrument be used? What kind of gel is good?

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The gel of the RF beauty instrument is actually equivalent to the couplant that you go to the hospital to take X-rays. The main functions are as follows: First, avoid the formation of the shortest electric field line between the two heads that is closest to the skin surface. When the instrument is turned on, the positive and negative heads will find the most ‘saving’ path to connect, that is, the linear distance between the two points. This part of the RF energy is the largest, it is easy to burn the skin surface, and the RF gel guards the surface of the skin like a barrier. To ‘push’ the electric field lines near the surface of the skin to avoid excessive energy generation. Second, like a large quilt, when the RF layer is heated by the RF, the temperature of the dermis layer is maintained for as long as possible. Because the RF needs to play the role of collagen regeneration, it is necessary to maintain a continuous thermal environment in the dermis layer. one. In addition, the RF gel can also minimize the loss of RF energy during delivery to the skin tissue. These are the most important meanings of the presence of a gel. However, in order to increase the selling point of the gel, many merchants accelerate the consumer’s consumption of gel and promote secondary purchase. In the gel that shoulders the weight of the coupling agent, various skin care substances are added, and the gel is diluted. In fact, the gel should be fundamentally The effect is reversed, and the effect of radio frequency is also weakened.

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Eliminates wrinkles: deepens into the dermis of the skin, improves skin relaxation, diminishes crow’s feet, and lines

Lifting and tightening: Collagen regeneration, repairing aging collagen layer, tightening loose skin and improving skin firmness

Brighten skin tone: promotes adequate cells, collagen synthesis, helps skin regenerate, break down melanin, enhance skin tone

Shrink pores: The tip cools quickly, shrinks the pores, locks in moisture, calms and soothes

Sterilization and anti-acne: Blu-ray sterilization, soothes the skin and inhibits the growth of acne

Thin face shaping: RF penetrates the epidermis to reach the fat layer, the fat is dissolved and contracted by heat, and the fat is discharged in a liquid form to achieve a thin face shaping effect.

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