New air purifier technology can eliminate 99% of indoor allergens

New air purifier technology can eliminate 99% of indoor allergens

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New air purifier technology can remove 99% of indoor allergens.

Households and small business owners can now use consumer technology versions used in hospitals, government agencies, and other high-volume buildings.

Unlike air purifiers, Guardian Air REME + air purifiers produce ionized hydrogen peroxide, which neutralizes impurities in contact, just like in nature.

“It will change the way people live at home,” the doctor said. Edward F. Group, an expert in green lifestyle and technology, and an innovative developer of organic and natural dietary supplements.

The whole house air purification system is small enough to hold in hand, without moving parts, and can be installed in any central HVAC pipeline in a few minutes.

It silently produces invisible particles that are attracted by pollutants in the air and on the surface. It reduced E. coli, Listeria, Streptococcus and MRSA by 99%. The system can also be used to control the air transmission of the die. Neighborhood children reported a 20% reduction in absenteeism after installing the system.

“I’ve studied most of the market for air purification systems,” the group said. “There’s no other advanced and affordable satellite Raymer + air purification system there, one should have in every home and office world.”

The Global Therapeutic Center says you should invest in Guardian REME + air purification systems for 12 reasons

1. It is a whole-room air purification system that can be installed directly into your existing air conditioning unit or home ventilation system.

2. Independent laboratory tests show that it kills 99% of harmful bacteria, yeasts, allergens, viruses and molds in the air and on the surface.

Independent laboratory tests show that it can remove up to 85% of toxic gases and odors.

It does not use any chemicals. Clean Phi cells supplied by light, water, and oxygen to produce naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide.

5. Leave no residues when cleaning.

6. Independent laboratory tests show that it can reduce 99% of microorganisms on food surfaces. It also reduced E. coli, Listeria, Strep, MRSA, avian influenza and Norwalk viruses in the same amount.

7. In the United States alone, there are more than one million businesses, which are used by residential and government agencies.

8. EPA, FDA and USDA approval.

It needs bad things, leaving good things like clean oxygen and hydrogen.

10. Unlike other larger air filtration systems, it requires minimal maintenance.

11. For the toxins it absorbs, it does not need ultraviolet treatment or filtration because it is forward-looking and uses oxygen to actively search for and destroy the source pollutants – in the air and in the source.

12. More cost-effective than buying multiple units per room in your home or office

For your health, we sincerely recommend the Olansi air purifier to you. It can improve your indoor air quality. Olansi air purifier contains OEM air purifier, China air purifier, household air purifier, HEPA air purifier, etc.

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