Nine rumors about air purifiers

Nine rumors about air purifiersNine rumors about air purifiers


“In 2012, 4.3 million people died from kitchen air pollution”

Seeing completion of work causes anxiety,
Next, put the advertisement of the purifier, who can not be moved?

how to say?
Although this sentence contains facts, it is also extremely misleading.

Because it directly omitted the premise:
Use biomass fuels (such as firewood, animal waste, agricultural waste, and charcoal) and coal as a kitchen fire.

This is the real prerequisite for the death of 4.3 million people worldwide each year.
(World Health Organization (WHO))

This is still a small flicker, nothing, then look.


“Only applicable to the external environment is far worse than the indoor environment”

This is just a small part of the reason for buying a large indoor air purifier.

In the previous post
“How to pick the china best air purifier is the most effective? I want to save time to read these key points,” said:

In addition to removing particulate matter from the air, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, pets, etc.
Renovation or other causes, airborne volatile organic air pollution problems, such as formaldehyde, smoke.
Even if you want to reduce the chance of being allergic to dust in the air, you can be the cause.

Some problems can be solved by ventilation.

But in two cases, I don’t think it’s just ventilation.
Also, have to choose a targeted empty net:

1. Continuous release of volatile organic matter in the space, such as formaldehyde in a new home after renovation.
2. The outdoor air is even worse.


“There are many effective purification technologies”

In fact, the purifiers we can buy are basically two effective ones:
Filter type and electrostatic type,
And a mix of the two.

The types of IQ taxes are rich and varied:
UV sterilization, photocatalyst, even silver ions, washed air…….

A little bit something: “Built-in UV lamp sterilization”
Ok, indeed, there is a little bit of it.

First of all.
UV disinfection,
For air disinfection, irradiation time 30~60min,
It is used for the disinfection of articles. The irradiation time is 20-30 min, and the timing starts from 5-7 min.

When the air purifier is turned on,
The air passes through the inside of the machine at a very high speed.
Unless you use ultra-super high-power UV lamps, it is a bit difficult to kill a lot of common bacteria/microorganisms…


“Air purifier technology is very high / very low”

Q1: Is the air purifier technically high?

I believe that some friends will stand up and say: I bought (disassembled), a fan, a few layers of filters, nothing, I can do it myself?

Not to mention, some people buy filters and fans to DIY.

However, the reality is often cruel,
The effect is really not so good.

Maximum cause
That is, they often cannot cause enough negative pressure.
There is no guarantee that air can be forced into the filter module.


“The mesh of the filter is smaller than the particles, and the particles cannot pass.”

Imagine the filter of the purifier as the gauze of the sand in the water?
Not accurate.
The main working method of the filter is “adsorption”.

In fact, take the time to understand the professional principles that are too detailed,
It is also a waste of time for the average consumer.

So, there is a reliable suggestion on the Internet: to see the filter sales of a certain brand and model.

After all, the purifier is easy to use, it will be replaced with a filter and then used!


“Filtering efficiency is an effective indicator”

Many friends like to stare at the filter efficiency indicator.
As if I knew it,
It is clear that: how many percents of the particles have been removed.

Unfortunately, this indicator is not always valid.

Because of the level of particulate matter in the indoor air,
In a dynamic balance.

What do you mean?
That is to say, the material in space is constantly moving,
such as,
A cigarette was smoked in the room, and even if it was not ventilated, the taste would slowly dissipate.

So the point you want to investigate is:
Whether this air purifier can maintain the room in a dynamic equilibrium state with a lower particle concentration.


“The bigger the CADR, the better.”

One of the most important indicators of air purifiers:

The clean air output rate describes how much clean air is output over a certain period of time.

The higher the filtration efficiency, the larger the air volume, and the larger the value.

Although CADR determines the applicable area of ​​the purifier,
But not the higher the better, the right is the best.

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