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According to home appliances news reports, with the environmental pollution situation is more and more serious, environmental protection appliances once again set off a storm, foreign environmental protection household electrical appliance enterprises have entered the domestic market. As of 2017, the relevant data found that only air purifier manufacturers have surpassed 2000, nearly 200 foreign companies, and most companies are directed at environmental protection appliances from. This is mainly because of the special circumstances of the domestic environment, coupled with the stimulation of economic development, so that the domestic demand for environmentally friendly household electrical appliances growing. Especially the HEPA air purifier market, since 2015, showing a blowout development, which makes many companies can not wait to get involved in this industry.

Among the many foreign companies, the Olansi air purifier ionizer brand is from China, using a unique filter purification model, through the cold catalyst technology and efficient HEPA filter technology integration, can effectively remove the air of formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, suspended Particles, heavy metals and other harmful substances, and through the negative ion generator, can produce a large number of negative ions, so thoroughly purify the harmful substances in the air. In the purification effect and user experience, the olansi airflow do are very good. And Olansi has the exclusive development of the core technology, the products in the market is very competitive.

In 2017,Olansi China headquarters, released the air purifier intelligent technology, the use of intelligent sensors, can accurately capture the indoor air pollution components, and the rapid feedback on the product. In addition, the intelligent technology can automatically identify the number of indoor air, the need to provide air quality, so as to adjust the relevant purification model, so that the number of indoor and activities in any case, can accurately ensure that the indoor air fresh status. Olansi China headquarters met in 2018, will launch a new intelligent products that will likely subvert the development of the entire air purifier industry to promote the rapid development of the global air purifier cleaner market intelligence.

Home use Air purifier  in the current era is important to  family healthy life. Especially in the northern city, whenever the haze peak, breathing has become a worry thing. Therefore, on the one hand to strengthen environmental management, improve the air environment has become an important measure; the other hand, the use of efficient air cleaner to ensure that indoor air, so that the air at home to avoid pollution to bring health hazards to their families is very important. China Olansi Lance china air purifier, from the core technology and product integrated quality, the maximum possible to meet the needs of users, to solve the air filter product purification problems, thus ensuring the indoor air fresh and healthy.

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