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Air purifier as a healthy living appliances, in the present era by the vast number of consumers love. So what about the performance of the air purifier? If it is home, then what kind of air purifiers should be used. Today let me make a  comment on the well-known brand Olansi air purifier products, from the comprehensive performance and product quality experience, etc., for everyone to analyze a real sense of what is the china air purifier!

Olansi as a well-known brand of hepa air cleaner, in the production technology and research and development has a wealth of experience. So relatively speaking, Olansi air purifier products in terms of performance and related experience, have done very well. Then the brand’s product advantages, mainly highlighted in those aspects?

At the beginning of 2017, Olansi has released a model for the KJ633F-RK-K08 products, many in the industry referred to as K08, this product released less than three months time, instantly China, the United States, the United Kingdom , Canada and other countries, as Europe and the United States on the market a hot air purifier products. The reasons for its hot, in fact, undoubtedly his overall performance and experience, fully meet the needs of consumers.

Olansi’s K08 is the principle of high efficiency  filter, through the independent research and development of 11 filtration technology, for formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, suspended particles, PM2.5 and other air pollution problems. This product is generally scientific and feasible in the design of the filtration system, and he uses the principle of filter filtering to avoid the problem of health effects of chemical reactions. At the same time, a variety of filtering technology integration, to address the various types of pollution problems, to ensure that the indoor air fresh and healthy.


In addition to efficient filtration technology, the Olansi K08 products through 4.0 industrial technology, more sophisticated flush indoor air pollution data, which through the sensor feedback, intelligent system distribution purification model, to take the best purification mode. The technology can make the product more effective purification, professional solution to indoor air problems. And intelligent mode matching, so that products to achieve the purpose of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Of course, the Olansi K08 is not only efficient purification performance and intelligent 4.0 technology, it is also very unique in appearance design. Designed by the internationally renowned team of designers, the use of simple and stylish design style, no matter how luxurious the interior decoration room, K08 models can highlight his unique highlights. This is an important reason why the Olansi  K08 air purifier can quickly get angry in the market.

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