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At present, China’s air pollution situation is still very serious, the urban atmospheric environment PM2.5 concentration is generally exceeded; sulfur dioxide pollution has been at a high level; motor vehicle exhaust pollutant emissions increased rapidly; nitrogen oxide pollution was aggravated. In recent years, the north, northeast, south China and other regions of the haze weather more than seven days of the city reached 25, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more attention to the degree of health, air purifiers become a lot of families to deal with serious air Pollution of choice.

Our inhabitants work indoors daily, study and live for more than 20 hours, accounting for more than 80% of the day, indoor air quality on the human body is much more important than the outdoor air, the general indoor air circulation The way is to use the exhaust fan, or open the window to make air flow. But the face of frequent haze weather, simply can not make air flow, so more and more workplaces, leisure places, family and other indoor environment need to install air purifier bamboo charcoal air purifier. Newly renovated families, rainbow air purifier are also commonly used choices.

High-quality air purifier, to filter, eliminate the air of chemical pollutants, pollen, dust mites and other allergens, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants, so that the air quality has been greatly improved. Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 net xiaomi air purifier filter is a high-quality products, is committed to providing consumers with healthy breathing environment of ecological health products, can help people against the haze, car exhaust, PM2.5 , Formaldehyde and other air pollution problems caused by health hazards.

Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 negative smart best ionic air purifier using Bama air replication technology, restore the reproduction of Bama air indicators, set a strong natural level of negative ions, air purification, superoxide detoxification and other functions in one, for you to create a Bama healthy micro-environment, let you live with Bama healthy breathing, enjoy the natural convalescence at home. It is worth mentioning that the Guangzhou Industrial Microbial Monitoring Center test and certification: Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 negative ion air purifier within 1 hour, the inhalable particle purification rate of 95%, the removal rate of 93%, formaldehyde removal rate To 85%, benzene removal rate of 62%.


Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 air purifier mold since the market has been the trust of many consumers, and in June 2014 received the international CE certification. November 2014, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry and the State Sports General Administration of Training Council reached a strategic cooperation, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry K08  negative ion air purifier for smoke won the “national team athletes training and security products.”

As an outstanding representative of China’s direct sales business, Guangzhou Olansi Healthcare Industry that to achieve the steady development of direct selling industry, must have bottom line thinking, we must adhere to compliance and law enforcement, and resolutely resist speculation and pyramid schemes and other wrongful acts.

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