Olansi Healthcare Industry  K08: create an anion forest bath environment

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In the summer, long stay in the air-conditioned room is easy to suffer from “air conditioning syndrome”: chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency and health levels decline. The reason is because in the air-conditioned room, the air anion through a series of air conditioning purification and long ventilation pipe almost all disappeared, people will stay for a long time, “air conditioning syndrome.”

According to the study, people need nearly 13 billion anions a day to be able to achieve normal metabolism and breathing, but now most of the living room, office and entertainment places can only provide to the two billion negative ions, air conditioning room, the number of negative ions tabletop air purifier .It is very few. How can we fully enjoy the negative ions, so as to avoid “air conditioning syndrome” and other symptoms? Escape the city, turn off the air conditioning is not realistic. For consumer demand, the market continued to appear living air purifier.

In the negative ion air purifier market, Olansi Healthcare Industry  K08 net negative ion air purifier air filter purifier strong debut. It is understood that Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 net negative ion air purifier to the world’s five longest longevity – Guangxi Bama’s longevity environment as the basis, to Bama air as an indicator for consumers to create a Bama health micro environment, at home You can always enjoy the natural convalescence, breathing healthy, fresh air.

Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 best air filter for home set a strong natural level of negative ions, air purification, superoxide detoxification and other functions in one, breaking the existing technological bottlenecks, with no ozone, no positive, no static characteristics. Olansi Healthcare Industry related person in charge. Medical research shows that: the role of health care on the human body is a small particle size of negative ions, because only a small diameter of the negative ions can easily through the body’s blood-brain barrier, play its biological effects.

Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 home air filters is the natural negative ions, with small particle size, high vigor, natural diffusion distance, strong antioxidant and so on. “The air of negative ions in nature to create a number of longevity village, because the small diameter of the negative ion ratio is high, small particle size of the negative ions due to high activity, migration distance in the longevity area over the formation of negative ion bath environment.” Experts said.

In the natural ecological environment, as all things can not be separated from the sun, air and water, human health can not be separated from negative ions. According to reports, Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 hepa air filter in the super-purification of formaldehyde and other chemical substances, filter PM2.5, remove the static troubles on the basis of the function, the biggest advantage is to produce Bama ecological negative ions. “ Olansi Healthcare Industry has been committed to high-tech health services, we hope K08 net negative ion air purifier can bring consumers more comprehensive and more comfortable health.” Olansi Healthcare Industry official said.

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