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In recent years, frequent haze, air quality record low, once triggered people on the natural environment and ecological home environment unprecedented concern. With the outdoor environmental pollution intensified, comfortable, clean indoor environment has become particularly important.

Therefore, the appropriate selection of standards in line with the air purifier can help improve and improve air quality and reduce indoor air pollution. But is it really safe for consumers to buy air purifiers?

A surprising phenomenon was found in a joint survey conducted by Olansi Healthcare Industry and Tsinghua University Building Environment Testing Center by comparing the concentration of PM 2.5 and the 49% unused air purification of 51% of households using air purifiers Household households PM2.5 concentration, found that there is no big difference between them.

The original, the residents are hoping to achieve through the window ventilation to clean indoor air purposes, the use of the air purifier users also maintained a day more than 3 hours of window time, but due to outdoor environmental pollution, window ventilation time is too long , But affected the indoor air quality, largely weakened the use of air filter for home effect.

To this end, experts call to buy in line with national standards of ionic air purifier and scientific use, in order to give full play to the role of air purifier for our healthy breathing escort.

s a leader in the health industry, Olansi Healthcare Industry is also in the leading position in the field of home air purifier ionizer, and its launch of Olansi K08 best car air purifier, restore the reproduction of Bama air targets, set a strong natural level of negative ions, Purification, superoxide detoxification and other multi-functional in one, to create a healthy environment of Bama healthy, so that consumers in the haze weather can also breathe fresh air.

Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 car plug in air purifier containing far infrared negative ion ball, in addition to formaldehyde, activated carbon particles, catalytic molecular ball adsorbent, has a strong adsorption of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide and other impurities. By the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention test certification, Olansi Healthcare Industry K08 clean car air purifier ionizer home air cleaners within one hour of cleaning effect indicators reached the international leading level, of which the removal rate of formaldehyde reached 81.3%, benzene removal effect reached 96.7%, PM2.5 Of the removal effect of up to 99.9%.

Experts said, PM2.5 will not all settle or self-digestion, all closed in the doors and windows, there is no indoor purification conditions, the indoor PM2.5 concentration is 1/3 to 2/3 of the outdoor, and therefore, haze serious Open the air purifier to ensure that the indoor air quality is excellent.

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