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Air purifier new GB has been implemented for one year. Although the shopping malls brand still set, but in the skills, brand, to convey a lot of standards on the really. A little less complicated, the cost of the selection of consumers also gradually become rational, began to be based on the type of goods to select the most suitable for their own goods.

It should be said that this is a good room air purifier , means that the ionic air purifier in the family necessities on the road and a step forward, whether there is a hobby study, only a step away from the procurement.

According to the calculation of the media, it is now in the days of the Tmall system on the sale of toilet air purifier brand of more than 140, which is a very infinite data, and even more than most of the home appliances, daily necessities. With the fog of these years, one after another, the possibility of this data soaring again is very large, consumers can choose the space will become larger.

Choose the standard! There is a skill called ESP

Facing a variety of induction, confusion, not obedient, to confirm your spending concept is really mature.

In fact, the air purifier home is not complicated. Overall, now the main shopping malls are HEPA filter type, electrostatic, negative ions and plasma several types of cleaners, which is now among the most important attention to the skills of HEPA filter type purification and electrostatic purifier.

Experts think:

The purification of wearable air purifier is completely decided by the fan function and filter quality. And the placement of the machine and the indoor layout will also affect the purification effect. And because the filter is a consumable material, the user every time to replace a filter, follow-up maintenance costs are higher, usually  a lot of people feel a little hijacked spending experience, and my feeling is very uncomfortable.

The electrostatic purifier is mainly electrostatic sterilization, on the elimination of colds and to prevent all kinds of epidemic comparison useful. The most critical is not to replace the offer of high supplies. But the usual electrostatic cleaners exist ozone release control is not good, simple damage to the human body and other cause questions.

It can be said that the two types of skills of the goods, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, from the sale point of view, now filter pm2.5 air purifier  still occupy the number of advantages. But the industry has a word, first-class factory to do static electricity, second-rate factory to do HEPA, from the skills development, long-term function of commodity function, static goods if you can overcome the problems such as ozone, the space will be larger, whether HEPA is cost Commodities, there are duplication of doubt.

The key to see who can get the earliest revolutionary skills to break.

2014, which is enough to load the air purifier history of the chronology. This year, the first static electricity skills to make a major break, a micro-static skills turned out to be static technology for the current high point.

Olansi is the European uv air purifier brand and it has always been committed to electrostatic purification skills, up to 20 years. Micro-static purification technology for the olansi developed a third generation of independent electrostatic purification technology, the choice of special dielectric materials, can be formed about 1mm intertwined micro-cavity array formed micro-electrostatic matrix strong electric field, the air movement of charged particles to infinite Of the attraction, in the only occurrence of the minimum air impedance can be adsorbed almost 100% of the aerial particles, PM2.5 and other particulate pollutants removal is particularly evident.

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