Outdoor air purifier reduces your waiting by 40% smoke

Outdoor air purifier reduces your waiting by 40% smoke

According to the Ministry of Environment, China’s campaign to clean up air pollution last year has reduced the level of dangerous particulate matter in the atmosphere by 11%, but there is still a long way to go before the public breathes air every day. Of the 74 cities surveyed, only 8 met basic domestic air quality standards.

Meanwhile, antifouling masks are a popular project, and start-ups that produce new indoor air purifiers are lowering prices. New inventions currently being tested in Hong Kong are causing an average of 40% of outdoor air pollution claims to be reduced.

Design and engineering companies Sino Green and ARUP research project Urban air purification systems look like minibus stops, but they are deliberate. According to Sino Green, streets can benefit from air purification.

In the system prototype being patented, the air is sucked into the system from the bottom entrance, and then air is circulated through the bag filter to remove fine suspended particles (PM10 and PM2.5) which effectively exit the shutters.

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