Air purifier sales boom caused by pollution in China

Air purifier sales boom caused by pollution in China

If you live in China now, especially if you live in a big city like Beijing or Shanghai, you must be familiar with the recent pollution wave. Looking at the Bund from the top of the Oriental Pearl Tower in 2007, I remember that the city slowly disappeared in front of me, but the recent photos from China are even more worrying.

Recently, the smoke measurement of the Shanghai air quality index has reached more than 450, but some values are less than 100, but “display warning, if more than 200, the indicator must be inside.” Therefore, many children are at home, at least one elderly person carries a 15 kg air purifier. In fact, from masks to air filters, everyone in the room tries to maintain at least a degree of contact with the surrounding air.

As you can imagine, this has also led to a recent surge in the number and type of air purification systems sold, as well as a search for Taobao Air Purifier, China’s largest online business website, which has increased by 513% compared with Dec. 10. The actual sales of air purifiers increased 267.50% year-on-year, 1264.40% year-on-year.

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