Paris is soaked in smog: looking for the ‘two-dimensional code’ for healing

Paris is soaked in smog: looking for the ‘two-dimensional code’ for healing

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The elegant Paris also began to fall into the smog. After several days of air pollution, the French Prime Minister’s decision was to ‘oxygenate’ the city with a short-term traffic control policy.

Specifically, it includes: regional express trains in the Paris Region, subways, buses, bicycle rentals, etc., which will be used free of charge by the public; the three provinces in Paris and its surrounding provinces implement the restrictions on single and double numbers of motor vehicles. The limited line applies a small amount of 22 euros; it is forbidden to carry more than 3.5 tons of trucks and light vehicles without carburetor, and so on. Of course, the policy does not restrict the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles such as electric vehicles and natural gas vehicles, nor does it prohibit private vehicles that carry at least three people to encourage carpooling, while medical, fire-fighting, and food supply support the functioning of the city. Cars are not subject to this limitation.

In the days when only ‘Running can feel the wind’, suddenly the ‘running on the road’ was not allowed, and many French people felt inconvenient. The most intuitive role of car restrictions is to reduce vehicle emissions, but whether it can alleviate the smog in Paris is still controversial. In 1997, Paris also tried car restrictions, and the city air testing agency also used the remarkable effect of that time as a strong basis for this policy. Most Parisians also accept and comply with the government’s interim policy. In very days, I am afraid that no one will overestimate the attempts to protect public health, and once the weather is clear, some issues still need to be clarified and answered. For example, how big is the ‘contribution rate’ of automobile exhaust to smog? Will the limit line be the best choice for Paris? Is the timing of the restriction policy appropriate?

The same people who care about the ‘experience’ of Paris are those who are under the pressure of atmospheric pollution. They are also asking themselves, ‘What if I am?’ The answers often have common characteristics and case significance.

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