Pesticide residue thoroughly cleaned

Pesticide residue thoroughly cleaned

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It is known to many people from the mouth. If we eat unclean food, it is easy to get sick of the body. It also shows that many physical diseases are closely related to our diet. The most frequently eaten ingredients in our lives are melons and vegetables, and in addition to ordinary bacteria, fruits and vegetables have pesticide residues that seriously endanger our health. In order to solve this problem, fruit and vegetable machines are a good treatment. However, many people still have doubts about its role. Is the fruit and vegetable machine useful?

Since the 1940s, in order to solve problems such as pests, humans began to use pesticides for weeding. As the benefits have been confirmed, pesticides are gradually expanding their use, but they solve the pest problems, but pollute the environment, fruits and vegetables.

If ingestion or exposure to pesticides can lead to acute poisoning and death, as early as in the last century, there have been tragedies in Taiwan that caused more than 100 deaths due to pesticide-contaminated drinking water, and the tragedy caused by pesticides is not only one.

When we clean fruits and vegetables, we usually use clear water to wash them. However, water can only clean the soil and dust on fruits and vegetables, and can not clean pesticide residues, hormones, germs, etc. on fruits and vegetables. Therefore, we often keep fruits and vegetables in our daily life. Feeling flustered, how should we solve this problem?

Fruit and vegetable machine is such a product that helps people clean residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables. It produces hydroxide ions by electrolysis of water, which has the functions of sterilization, disinfection, degradation of pesticides, no ozone, no secondary pollution, and the effect of cleaning fruits and vegetables.

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