Rich hydrogen water bath! The beauty effect is even better!

Rich hydrogen water bath! The beauty effect is even better!

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The water that has recently exploded to the explosion! I believe that everyone is no stranger to it. The major TVs in Japan are also promoting the benefits of plain water to the body. Do you know that water can be bathed in addition to drinking? Come and see everyone today!

Daily size activities will inevitably cause some damage to our skin. For example, the radiation of computer mobile phones, ultraviolet rays of the sun, etc., will promote the skin to accelerate aging. The maintenance of skin care products will also have some adverse effects on the skin in the long run. Therefore, easy skin care and anti-aging, hydrogen-rich water is definitely the best choice. Japanese young women are used to drinking hydrogen water and applying the remaining hydrogen water to the face for moisturizing and beauty treatment. A better way is to use hydrogen water as a mask to obtain a better cosmetic effect. If it is purely from the dose point of view, the local direct use can obtain a higher hydrogen concentration, and a better protection effect can be obtained.

Previously, Korean scholars have said that hydrogen bathing has an antagonistic effect on the production of human skin wrinkles, which is further demonstrated by animal models. A research team in South Korea reported that bathing mice with ‘hydrogen water’ has an ideal therapeutic effect on skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, which is related to the reduction of oxidative damage and inflammatory response. They also found that the content of antioxidants (such as glutathione) in the skin of mice after hydrogen bathing increased.

Ultraviolet rays cause skin damage, and in severe cases, DNA damage or even skin cancer. Since skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays is mainly oxidative damage and local inflammatory reaction, it is an option to treat ultraviolet skin damage with antioxidant substances, but generally it is difficult for antioxidants to enter cells, which limits the use of many antioxidant substances.

Hydrogen, as a special selective antioxidant, can treat a variety of oxidative and inflammation-related diseases by breathing hydrogen, injecting and drinking hydrogen solutions. Recently, a research team from Nanjing Medical University has also demonstrated the therapeutic effect of hydrogen injection saline on such skin lesions. Some commentators pointed out that both are essentially the study of hydrogen against UV skin damage, which proves that drinking hydrogen-rich water or using hydrogen-rich water to bathe and wash face can effectively resist oxidation and delay aging.

High concentration hydrogen production
• Hydrogen content: >600PPB (5L water electrolysis for 10 minutes)
• Non-hydrogen oxygen separation electrolysis
• Power: 10W
• Electrolysis time: unlimited
• Waterproof rating: IPX-7
• Hydrogen production: long press the switch for 3s, start up, start hydrogen production, auto-close hydrogen production after 15 minutes of electrolysis, or press and hold 3s to close hydrogen production.

High frequency vibration, comfortable massage
• High frequency, proper acupressure massage.
• Handheld is quick and easy to use, and you want to press where to place acupuncture points.
• Asymmetrical and balanced light vibration massage.
• Effectively relieves the repair of the fibrous ring of the nucleus pulposus repair and destruction.

Magnetic therapy
Frequency water therapy
Through the molecular resonance effect technology, the small molecular group water which is most suitable for cell absorption is produced, and its molecular cluster arrangement structure matches the amplitude frequency of the natural magnetic field, which is the same as the magnetic vibration frequency of the same natural water in the world, and returns the water to the source of abundant vitality. In the initial state, it takes only 30 minutes to replenish your body’s moisture and activate cell vitality. Long-term drinking can promote metabolism, accelerate the discharge of body waste, and regulate the endocrine system, thereby greatly improving human immunity.

Acupoint magnetic therapy
Built-in healthy double magnet, forming a three-dimensional spiral closed loop magnetic field, balancing self-discipline acupoints, nerves to improve blood patency and high oxygen carrying capacity.

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