7 reasons to tell you why you must use a spray

7 reasons to tell you why you must use a spray

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Many people have the habit of using spray, maybe follow the trend, maybe they want to give it a try. We all know that facial cleanser, toner, face cream and sunscreen are essential items, but perhaps they don’t know much about spray. Today, Just give you the 7 reasons to use the spray, let me introduce you why we use spray, and the necessity of using spray, where is it.

In summary, the benefits of spray have 7
1, moisturizing nourish the skin
2, always hydrate the skin, even if you wear makeup is not afraid
3, set makeup, delay makeup and card powder
4, air conditioning or heating room to calm the skin is not dry
5, replace with toner to promote skin cleansing
6, calm and soothe skin
7, the whole body is available

Spray is generally used in the form of artificial fogging. The high-pressure system is used to spray the liquid in a fine mist. Because the water particles after atomization are small and the diameter is relatively thin, it tends to penetrate deeper into the skin than large-sized water. It is also very convenient and convenient to use. With a single touch, whether it is moisturizing, aroma, or sunscreen acne, it can make the skin get a better moisturizing experience in a moist environment, especially when the skin is hot and unstable. It will make your skin feel refreshed and refreshed immediately.

Olansi hydrogen-rich skin rejuvenation instrument
High-efficiency hydrogen production: ≥1000ppb hydrogen-rich, small molecule water, high purity, easy to absorb
Negative potential small molecule water: -200~0 negative potential, high solubility, strong penetrability, remove skin peroxide free radicals
Long-acting electrolysis: ≥ 20 times of electrolysis, 2 minutes of electrolysis time, titanium platinum electrolytic sheet, 400mAh battery capacity
High quality spray head: quick hydration
High cost performance: free water supply, one-time consumption of long-term hydration, high value, small size and large capacity
Safety and security: waterproof, IPX4, not afraid of water splashing, ABS material is safer and safer, can be used by infants and pregnant women

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