Rich hydrogen water besides drink still can apply face, bath!Beauty effect is more ideal!

Rich hydrogen water besides drink still can apply face, bath!Beauty effect is more ideal!

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Recent fire to burst water element water!Believe everybody already familiar, Japanese each big TV also is propagating element water is beneficial to the body.Do you know water element water besides drink still can apply face bath?

Daily activities large and small,it is inevitable to cause some damage to our skin.For example: the radiation of computer mobile phone, sunshine ultraviolet ray wait, can make skin accelerates ageing.And the word that protects skin to taste for a long time, also can cause a few to go against the effect to the skin.Therefore, easy skin care anti – aging, rich hydrogen water is absolutely the best choice.Young women in Japan are used to drinking hydrogen water, the remaining hydrogen water apply on the face for moisturizing beauty with a better way is to use hydrogen water as a mask, can get a better beauty effect.If only from the perspective of dose, local direct use can obtain higher hydrogen concentration and better protective effect.

Previous studies in South Korea have shown that hydrogen water bathing has a protective effect on wrinkles in human skin, and animal models have been used to further prove this effect.A team from South Korea reported that bathing mice in “hydrogen water” had an ideal effect on uv-induced skin damage, which has been linked to reduced oxidative damage and inflammation.
They also found increased levels of antioxidants, such as glutathione, in the skin of mice bathed in hydrogen water.

Ultraviolet light can cause skin damage, in severe cases, DNA damage and even skin cancer.Since uv-induced skin damage is mainly oxidative damage and local inflammatory response, the use of antioxidant substances to treat uv-induced skin damage is an option.However, antioxidants generally have difficulty getting into cells, limiting the use of many antioxidants.As a special selective antioxidant, breathing hydrogen, injecting and drinking hydrogen solutions can treat a variety of oxidative and inflammation-related diseases.

Recently, a research team from nanjing medical university also demonstrated injecting hydrogen saline.Treatment for this type of skin injury.Some critics point out that both are discussions in nature
Hydrogen against ultraviolet skin damage research, proved that drinking hydrogen-rich water or using hydrogen-rich water bath wash can play an effective role in anti-oxidation, anti-aging effect.

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