Spring allergy is not always the same for everyone

Spring allergy is not always the same for everyone

It is surprising that you are one of the main causes of the worst allergic outbreaks in the spring.

As air quality and climate regulation vary from region to region, many US cities have completely different air quality levels.

To draw the public’s attention to spring allergies, the American Foundation for Asthma and Allergy released its annual spring 2015 allergy capitals for 2015 with the list of US cities with the worst allergies in hot weather.

As you can see in this list of the 25 major cities of the world’s major allergies (those suffering from the worst spring allergy), the cities of the map are victims of the increase in pollen levels and the quality of unhealthy air as a whole. In any of these areas and with increased allergy symptoms, consider using one of our allergy air cleaners, which can reduce all airborne particles by 99.97%.

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