Can the popular science purifiers blow good air?

Can the popular science purifiers blow good air?

Purification effect:
Most car air purifiers are limited by power and other factors. The function of “eliminating” PM2.5 is limited, and the effect is not as good as the internal circulation system of car air conditioners.
In the survey, most people in the industry believe that most of the car air purifiers on the market currently have the function of “eliminating” PM2.5, and most of the purifiers use the filter to absorb harmful substances in the air, which is easy to accumulate. Cause secondary pollution.
Car air purifiers have become a new selling point for many businesses.
In many shopping websites, car air purifiers and anti-smashing masks have become hot items in winter. In a website, the reporter searched for car air purifiers, and there were more than 10,000 pieces of product information, including formaldehyde, odor, and PM2.5, which became the key selling points of some merchants’ recommended products.
According to the brand and function, the price of car air purifiers ranges from tens of yuan to several thousand yuan. Among them, a recently-selling car air purifier claims to use high-tech nano-purification in its advertisements. Its high-efficiency air filtration system can not only effectively remove PM2.5, but even filter 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. Other products claim to purify the interior air by electrostatic precipitator sterilization, activated carbon filters, or low-temperature non-plasma.
There is also a store introduction, the car air purifier sold by the active release of a large number of positive and negative ions, capture and eliminate the bacteria in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the air inside the car. It is said that negative ions have the effects of oxygenation and freshening, sterilization and disinfection, sedimentation of dust, neutralization of radiation, and refreshment.
Is the car air purifier so amazing?
Not long ago, someone in Beijing especially did a simple test to verify the purification effect of a car air purifier with a price of 796 yuan.
The purifier is marked with an area of ​​10 square meters and the PM2.5 concentration measured in the car before opening the purifier is 458 μg/m3. When the purifier was turned on, it was found that the speed of air quality change was not ideal. After 25 minutes, the PM2.5 value reached 14 μg/m3, and the PM2.5 tester showed that the air quality was “excellent”.
Afterward, the tester opened the window, restored the air quality inside the car to the initial condition, closed the window and opened the vehicle’s internal circulation system. At this point, the value on the PM2.5 tester dropped rapidly, and the concentration dropped to 14 μg/m3 in just 5 minutes.
A hospital respiratory expert interviewed by the reporter said that most of the car air purifiers on the market are far less powerful than the internal circulation system of the vehicle, and it is difficult to achieve indoor air purification in a short time. If the adsorption device of the car air purifier is saturated, the cleaning effect will be greatly reduced, and secondary pollution is likely to occur, which will cause harm to human health. Therefore, a car purifier is not a “tool”.
The store specializing in the sale of car accessories told reporters that the key to the effectiveness of air purification equipment lies in the filter screen, and the car just provides us with such a filter screen – the car air conditioning filter is a standard HEPA filter, which means only need to turn on the air conditioner. Ventilation can effectively purify PM2.5.
However, he also warned that there are still some vehicles that do not have such an efficient filtration system installed.
It is understood that although the purifier negative ion purification technology promoted by merchants can make dust particles settle and kill bacteria, experts say that its comprehensive purification effect is poor, because it can not remove organic substances such as formaldehyde, and settled particles and bacterial residues remain. In the car, it is easy to produce a “black wall effect.”
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The necessity of a household air purifier

The necessity of a household air purifier

The indoor and outdoor PM2.5 concentrations are not much different. Even if the window is closed, the indoors are only 100 times slower than the outdoor. According to the current explosion weather, the outdoor air is also about 450. Toxic” level.
Moreover, in the room where the window is closed, the human body acts as the main purification device.
This is also the main reason why the indoor PM2.5 index can slowly decrease after closing the window.
Because they are all sucked into the body by you indoors!
The reliable air purifier can greatly reduce the indoor PM2.5 concentration and maintain it in a short time so that the indoor air is in a safe range for a long time.

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air purifier? Don’t buy it for indiscriminately!

air purifier? Don’t buy it for indiscriminately!

A lot of things can be judged by logic, including buying an air purifier and hearing the details. (But I can’t talk about logic in anything. I have been telling the logic to be killed by my wife several times because of all the troubles.)

My first air purifier was bought in 2004. Of course, it must be a Panasonic. What do I mean by that? ——Air purifier is not a smog derivative, not a PM2.5 filter. In 2004, the Chinese did not know what PM2.5 was;
Air purifiers, as the name implies, are machines that purify indoor air, and indoor air pollution sources are far more than PM2.5.
Japan’s PM2.5 has an average annual value of 10, but we are familiar with Panasonic, Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi to produce air purifiers. One of the standards in Japanese hotels is the air purifier.
So, first of all, we should have a correct understanding of the air purifier.

However, after all, it is China, and China is a smashing China. The harm of PM2.5 does exist in the field. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the purchase of air purifiers. Focus on PM2.5 only, because even in Beijing, the annual average PM2.5 concentration is around 80, and the air quality is up to 190 days. We can also play the role of air purifier in the absence of smog. The value of this money is spent!

So, how can we buy a cost-effective air purifier?

1, in the choice of brand, try to choose those familiar brands.
There is nothing special about the basic functions of air purifiers, so don’t trust the so-called “professional” brands that don’t know which country to pop up. What is a professional? At best, it’s a special one. It was Matsushita. Matsushita began producing air purifiers in 1962; at that time, the CEO doors of these “professional” brands were not yet born!

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[Air Purifier Science Series] Selection and Maintenance of Air Purifiers

[Air Purifier Science Series] Selection and Maintenance of Air Purifiers

Nowadays, the smog, decoration pollution of formaldehyde, bacteria and other hidden invisible killers around us are endangering the health of the family. As one of the most effective products for the current air environment, air purifiers have become the first choice for most families.

But in the face of a large number of products with different shapes and performances on the market, how should we choose? Please take a look at the small series below!

Shopping tips

1. Select the purchase channel

When purchasing an air purifier, it is recommended to purchase it in regular channels such as large shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores, and mainstream e-commerce websites.

2. Purchase an air purifier according to your actual needs

At present, the air purifier brand, function, performance, design, and price are very different, dazzling. Consumers are advised to purchase products according to their actual needs, not as many features as possible. For example, for consumers who need to protect PM2.5, it is recommended to choose an air purifier with an outstanding PM2.5 purification capability.

However, in the case of an air purifier, the purifying function is the most important function. If your requirements for indoor air purifiers are based solely on improving indoor air quality, you can choose a type that simply purifies the air and is cost-effective.

As people’s needs for quality of life increase, the demand for air purifiers is no longer simply to purify indoor air. For example, those who work in a closed air-conditioned room, because the air conditioning dehumidification makes the air in the room very dry and the skin becomes dry, so when choosing an air purifier, you will choose a skin-friendly function. Humidifying air purifier.

People who have been in a lot of people for a long time and have high indoor pollution need to breathe fresh air without bacteria. When purchasing an air purifier, they will prefer a small air purifier suitable for desktop.

People who drive frequently should choose car air purifiers to purify various car odors and even ease driving fatigue.

3. Is there a scientific purification principle to achieve an efficient air purifier effect?

There are five internationally accepted principles of air purification, physical, electrostatic, chemical, ionic and composite. In general, physical purification is the most common and effective method. For example, dust, pollen, allergens, viruses, and other large particulate matter can be filtered by HEPA technology in physical purification mode; while harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, and other odors can be adsorbed by activated carbon in physical purification mode. Purification.

The strength of the purifying capacity of the air purifier is mainly determined by the applicable area and the amount of clean air (CADR: the rate of clean air provided). The relationship between the two is applicable area = CADR × 0.12. The ability to purify other contaminants should be combined with the applicable area.

4. Are the energy efficiency ratio, energy efficiency rating and ozone emission reasonable?

Air purifiers are usually used continuously for a long time. The energy efficiency ratio is an important indicator for measuring the purifying capacity and power consumption of air purifiers. It is worthy of attention. The higher the energy efficiency ratio and energy efficiency rating, the more energy-efficient the air purifier is and the lower the cost of use.

Ozone as a strong oxidant has a certain purification ability, but it is harmful to the human body. The state has mandatory safety requirements for the amount of ozone released from air purifiers, limited to ≤ 5 × 10 – 6% (ozone has a fishy smell).

Source: “Indoor Air Purifier Purification Performance Evaluation Requirements”

Source: National Standardization Technical Committee for Household Appliances. Questions and Answers on Air Purifiers. China Standard Press. September 2015


Like the water purifier, the air purifier needs to be cleaned regularly, and some need to be replaced with filters and filters to maintain its purification effect. The maintenance and maintenance of the air purifier depend on different types of air purifiers.

The primary filter in the air purifier should be cleaned frequently. Generally, it should be cleaned once every half month. When using a vacuum cleaner or a clean brush, when there is more dust on the fan and electrode, it should be removed. Generally, it should be repaired once every six months. The long hair brush can be used to remove dust from each electrode and wind blade. When the air purifier is not in use, it should be cleaned and put into the box and stored in a ventilated and dry place. Attention should be paid to moisture protection to avoid the use of efficiency or damage due to moisture.


1. The front filter (usually the back cover of the chassis) takes a long time to collect some dust, which affects the air intake and affects the air purification effect. Therefore, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust away or use a rag to clean it, or even wash it to dry.

2. Filter net, part of the filter net needs to be taken to the sun at the end of the sun, and the purification efficiency can be better maintained, such as activated carbon filter.

3. Deodorizing filter, a deodorizing filter for a few air purifiers, to achieve the technical level of water washing, can be washed by water, that is, to maintain purification efficiency, and extend the cycle of the filter.

4. The ion generator is generally built-in and does not need to be cleaned. The better ionizer has higher working efficiency.

Second, maintenance

1. Rear panel (front filter)
No need to replace, clean once a month.

2.HEPA filter
Changed in 1 year.

3. Washable deodorizing filter
When changing for 1 year, when you feel that the smell is difficult to remove, you can clean the filter.

4. Humidifying filter
Change it in 2 years and clean the scale on the filter surface once a month.

5. In addition to formaldehyde filter
Changed in 1 year.

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olansi air purifier

Seven misunderstandings used by air purifiers!

Seven misunderstandings used by air purifiers!


olansi air purifier

Recently, many places in the country have encountered smog weather. On November 26, Zhang Ziyi sent Weibo to say that Beijing was heavily smoggy. Her daughter would not breathe when she wears a mask. She worried about her child’s health and immediately took the plane and left Beijing.
In this weather, parents will worry about their children’s health. They want to leave the cities with serious air pollution and work and live in the clean, fresh air. However, in real life, you can do it. How many people can there be?
Most people are not so chic, they can only “squat” to stay in the city of gray and continue to live. Since you can’t walk, how should everyone protect themselves? Especially how to protect children? There are many harmful substances in foggy days. Children with allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis should pay more attention to this kind of weather. When exposed to polluted air, the respiratory tract is stimulated, it is easy to aggravate respiratory symptoms, so we must make good precautions in advance: minimize the outing, reduce strenuous exercise, be sure to wear professional masks, clean the indoor air when going out, and protect indoors. Air quality; adults should take off their coats when they go home, wash their hands and then touch the children, try to avoid all behaviors that can directly harm the child’s health.
The smog has come again, what we can do is to prevent it and protect the breathing and health of ourselves and our family. Nowadays more and more people use air purifiers, but the air purifier products are slightly stranger to ordinary consumers. In daily use, we should pay attention to avoid the following seven misunderstandings –
Misunderstanding 1: Air purifier is placed against the wall
I believe that after many consumers purchase an air purifier, most users will place it against the wall. What you don’t know is that in order to achieve the desired whole house purification effect, the air purifier should be placed away from the wall or furniture, preferably in the center of the house or at least 1.5 to 2 meters away from the wall. Otherwise, the airflow generated by the purifier will be blocked, resulting in a smaller purification range and worse performance. In addition, placing against the wall will also absorb the dirt hidden in the corner, affecting the life of the purifier.
Misunderstanding 2: The distance between the purifier and the person is too close
When the purifier is working, there are more harmful gases around it. Therefore, do not place it too close to people. It should be properly raised to avoid contact with children. An electrostatic adsorption type purifier that allows airborne contaminants to adhere to the electrode plates during operation. However, if the design is not reasonable enough, a small amount of ozone will be released, and more than a certain amount will stimulate the respiratory system. When using this purifier, it is best not to stay in the room, and to close it after entering the house, because ozone can be quickly restored in space and will not remain for a long time.
Misunderstanding 3: Change the filter from time to time
Just like the mask is dirty, you have to change it. The filter of the air purifier should also be replaced in time. Even in the case of good air quality, the filter screen should be replaced more in a while, otherwise, the filter material will release harmful substances after being saturated, and instead become a “source of pollution”. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly maintain the product and replace the filter.
Misunderstanding 4: Put the humidifier next to the purifier
Many friends have both humidifiers and air purifiers in their homes. Many users use air purifiers and turn on the humidifier at the same time. In fact, it has been found that if the humidifier is placed next to the air purifier, the indicator light of the purifier will be alarmed, and the air quality index will rise rapidly. It seems that the two will interfere with each other. If the humidifier is not pure water, but tap water, since tap water contains more minerals and impurities, chlorine molecules and microorganisms in the water may be blown into the air with the mist sprayed from the humidifier to form a source of pollution. If the tap water has a high hardness, the water mist may have white powder, which may also pollute the indoor air. Therefore, it is recommended that you use pure water if you use a humidifier. If using tap water, it is recommended to keep enough distance with the air purifier.
Misunderstanding 5: Usually not used, smog genius open purifier
The prevalence of air purifiers is caused by persistent haze weather. However, we also mentioned above that for the cleaning of air, not only the smog is pollution, dust, odor, bacteria, chemical gases, etc. all have adverse effects on the human body, and the role of the air purifier is positive. It is the removal of these harmful pollutants. Especially for the newly renovated homes, the vulnerable people who are sensitive to air, such as the elderly, children and so on, the air purifier can still play a role.
Of course, if the weather is fine outside, it is recommended that everyone’s indoors be ventilated and maintain a certain humidity so that fresh air can flow indoors. Sometimes such indoor air quality is clearer than that of an air purifier that is open all year round.
Misunderstanding 6: Air purifier shows excellent time, no need
The power consumption of air purifiers is generally not high, and the power consumption of mainstream products generally does not exceed 70W, which is still very power-saving. When the air quality is poor, when using the purifier to see the display shows excellent air quality, please do not turn off the purifier immediately. It is recommended to turn it off again for 1~2 hours.
Misunderstanding 7: When opening the air purifier, do not close the door and window
For indoor pollution control, there are many factors influencing the source of pollution, and it is not only based on air purifiers. For example, in Beijing where smog is frequent, if there is continuous smog, first close the window, open the door as little as possible, and create a relatively closed space for the indoor battalion; secondly, adjust the indoor temperature and humidity conditions, and pass the humidifier and water in winter. The method will increase the relative humidity and prevent the room from dusting. It is more effective to use an air purifier under such circumstances. Otherwise, the source of pollution will continue to come through the window, even if the air purifier is always on, the effect will be greatly reduced.

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olansi air purifier

New Air Purifier Standard

New Air Purifier Standard

On Friday, authorities announced new national standards for air purifiers and placed orders in the country’s chaotic purifier market.

China said the draft national standard will be released on Friday and will include more specific indicators to measure the performance of air purifiers, including “clean air supply rate” and durability. It’s reported every Saturday.

According to reports, the country’s widespread air pollution problem is getting worse and worse. The market for air purifiers is growing rapidly, with a total sales of 2.4 million in 2013.

However, according to media reports, the market is chaotic, and many air purifier manufacturers and sellers exaggerate product performance and deliberately mislead consumers.

According to the report, according to the spot check of 20 air purifiers by Shanghai Municipal Air Quality Technical Supervision Bureau, only 3 products show advertising effects and effective workspace.

The new draft sets out detailed requirements for air purifier display. The manufacturer must clearly indicate on the product label the service life and volume of space that it can provide effective filtering.

The draft specification contains performance data for particles and formaldehyde.

According to the report, the National Center for Quality Control of Indoor Environment and Indoor Environment Products, which was established in 2002 and revised in 2008, failed to meet public expectations. Director of Song Guangsheng.

“Previous national standards for indoor air purifiers did not take into account the need for consumers to filter PM2.5 or the increased frequency of use,” he said.

PM2.5 is a kind of particle with a diameter of fewer than 2.5 microns, which is an important index of air pollution in China. The high density of PM2.5 is the main cause of the black smoke in many parts of the country in recent years.

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Air purifier for spring allergy

Air purifier for spring allergy

According to the American Academy of Allergic Asthma Immunology (AAAAI), seasonal allergic rhinitis or “pollen fever” affects more than 20% of Americans. Many trees, grasses, and weeds contain small, light pollen carried by the wind, and allergic symptoms occur again in spring.

Allergic patients find remission tips during allergic season

Make a thorough spring cleaning window, bookcase and air conditioning vent will collect winter dust and mold, which may lead to allergic symptoms.

Use a new air purifier filter. If you have been operating the air purifier, monitor the adhesion of the filter.

Bath and shampoo before bed – Pollen can be collected in your hair and skin.

Do not leave pets near furniture or outside the bedroom. Pollen will stick to dogs and cats when they go out.

Keep windows closed during peak season and use air conditioning to keep vents away from your face.

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