why we need to use hepa filter on Home air purifier ?

Why we need to use hepa filter on Home air purifier ?

Guangzhou Olansi has conducted screening and research on various models of home atmosphere purifiers and filters, applying a specialty laser molecule counter to gauge typically the percentage of particles taken out of the air. Here happen to be the key fact a person need to know regarding HEPA technology and their use in air filter and HVAC filters.

The reason why HEPA?

High-Efficiency Particulate Atmosphere (HEPA) Filters are confirmed to be probably the most trustworthy filter technology out there. The particular key to HEPA Filter systems is its tightly weaved composition, making them the effective very safe answer to remove airborne allergens that can aggravate:

Allergic reactions

Athma attacks

Chemical tenderness

Settling dust

Mold development

Pet-related allergies and smell

Smoke odor

Illnesses associated to viruses & germs

Long term respiratory wellness problems

How does DUST work?

olansi air filter


HEPA Material

DUST can be a flat, pleated page made up of millions of incredibly tiny fiberglass threads, forming the complex maze which blocks airborne particles.

Because debris 0. 3 microns will be the weakest point with the filter’s performance, a filtration system is only classified since HEPA if it eliminates 99. 97% of allergens that are 0. three or more microns.

Three forms of record


As particles stream by, they are captivated and stick to local HEPA filter fibers.


Air flows smoothly close to filter fibers, but allergens collide and get stuck.


Microscopic particles proceed erratically, increasing the probability of being captured simply by interception or impaction.

So how exactly does HEPA compare to HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING filtration?

HEPA filters include the highest level regarding filtering available. Most residence HVAC systems aren’t made to handle the stress of benefit resistance blocking of a HEPA filtration, so an HVAC filtering with a tight interweave may reduce air circulation and ultimately lower surroundings quality. HVAC filters arrive in different MERV scores, but even the many effective MERV-rated HVAC filtration system is much less useful than an HEPA surroundings purifier. If HEPA purification is required, we suggest an air purifier.

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