The feeling of a treasured mother using the new air purifier

The feeling of a treasured mother using the new air purifier

We know that drinking water needs to be purified, but we never thought that the air needs to be purified. Think about it, air pollution is already serious, just because we can’t see and touch it and ignore its cleanliness. Water, air, and sunlight are the three main factors for human survival. The pollution of air by industrial waste gas, automobile exhaust, smoke and so on has seriously jeopardized our health. According to reports, the lungs of Guangzhou people over 50 years old are black. In recent years, many reports have said that many children suffer from leukemia, but the culprit is the excessive formaldehyde caused by home decoration. How can we detect formaldehyde in furniture and clothing? I don’t know how many toxic gases around us are poisoning us. In fact, indoor pollution is also very serious in air pollution. It is also reported that 2.2 million young people in China have died from indoor pollution. Indoor pollution is equivalent to second-hand smoke.

When I went to play with some friends, an aunt named Jiang said about her home’s best inexpensive air purifier. She said that her husband slept and snored for years, and her daughter had chronic pharyngitis. A few days after she had used the best inexpensive HEPA air purifier, her daughter’s symptoms of pharyngeal symptoms improved. After a month, her husband did not snore. She also talked about the changes made by some other friends after using the purifier. I really felt the heart.

Think of our home, the bedroom window is facing the street, the noise is loud, and the window is closed. A layer of windows is not enough, and a soundproofed window is installed. Both floors are closed and the door is closed. Every year, the indoor air is very bad. Every winter, my husband’s pharyngitis recurs, and it will only slowly improve in the spring of next year. I used to have no pharyngitis. I coughed for winter last year and coughed up with pleurisy. Baby will cough when he catches a cold, coughing for a long time, coughing at night seems to have the heart to jump out. The air quality in the city is really bad. In the New Year, there is no strange feeling in wearing contact lenses in the hometown. Wearing contact lenses in the natural scenery area does not dry up all day, forgetting that I am also nearsighted. Not working in the city, wearing half an hour is uncomfortable, you can feel how bad the air quality.

So I am very eager to buy one. According to her husband’s statement, I used “Cry, Cry, and Three” and finally bought one on July 30, and I was out of stock on the 31st. I bought this purifier with a purification rate of 99.999% and went home to try it. I thought that the air quality in our bedroom was the worst because the doors and windows were closed for a long time, and there was some smell. In our bedroom, four red warning lights were lit, and in about 10 minutes, four red lights turned into green light. Later moved to Babe’s bedroom, this is the room I think the air should be the best, because of the ventilation. Unexpectedly, five red lights illuminate, the green color is delayed, or the red light is repeatedly lit, and it is repeated like this in two or three hours. I should think about it, what is the reason? The culprit should be the children’s wardrobe that I just bought. The seller said it was pine wood, but there is still a smell. I moved the purifier with the green light directly to the open wardrobe door, and the red light immediately lit up. It seems that the gas content of the wardrobe is really high, so I decided that my daughter could not sleep in this room for the time being.

We were very excited on the first night with a purifier. Husband always doesn’t believe that stuff, I want to prove that buying it is right by using it seriously. The aphid content in the mattress is very high. It is said that when it turns over, the red light will light up and the purifier will accelerate. The husband does not believe, we will try. So one night, take a look, just look at the warning lights. Really, move it. After a few seconds, the five lights will turn red. After a while, it turned green after purification and then moved again, it was red again. Still not convinced, use the quilt to take a few shots beside the purifier, and the brush is red again. After turning green, I used a pillow to take a few shots and turned red again. It is said that there are many aphids in the pillow. I looked at the indicator light like this one night, and my husband still didn’t think there was anything good about this stuff. The next night, we set off for Hunan. Give the purifier to the mother, and the mother thinks that the thing is useless, just let it go.

We returned from Hunan on August 7. On the train, my daughter had a fever, my throat was sore, and when I got home, it was early in the morning. All three of us felt that the throat was dry and painful. Too tired, didn’t take medicine, didn’t drink water and went to bed. Woke up the next day, the strange, baby is good, our throat does not hurt. The husband still does not believe that this purifier has played a role.

On August 8, we left again and went back to the country. Before I left, I moved the purifier to my mother’s room and the switch turned on. After returning, the purifier moved home. Mom thinks that purifying the air is simply nonsense. But the feeling after I came back is really amazing. In the country, I caught a cold, sneeze for a few days, and then my throat hurt. I lived in the country for a few nights and dreamed of not sleeping well. My husband started off in the middle of the night and rushed back in the early hours. Going home, my nephew really hurts, sneezes constantly. It seems that I really have to buy medicine. I want to buy medicine the next day, and I wake up without sneezing, and my throat doesn’t hurt. I said that the purifier works, and the husband said that it was time for the cold to heal itself. The cold cycle is not generally more than 7 days, what are my 4 days?

Anyway, this Dongdong I like it, and I believe that it will bring me a lot of surprises, seeing that I will have a recurrence of pharyngitis this winter. I think that this thing is worthwhile. It is used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It consumes 22 yuan a year and has a high practical value. Think about air conditioning, it is also a few thousand dollars apiece, bought back and used several times. I have this body, the air conditioner has been installed for 7 or 8 years, and it can be used up to two or three times a year. I have been afraid to use this year. I used to have a headache for two nights in July. This time I used it for another two or three days. With the purifier, there was no adverse reaction. A few days ago, people who had a cold in the countryside during the day, I really didn’t dare to be too enthusiastic about air conditioning.

(The above is the experience of using air purifiers written by Xiaobian in 2011. At that time, Xiaobian was only an Amway product user. At that time, the word air purifier had not appeared yet, and pm2.5 was still a stranger. Vocabulary. Who knows, today, they have become popular vocabulary, who knows, many people also “early die” in air pollution. . . .

After using the air purifier for 6 years, my daughter no longer coughs frequently. Her husband no longer has pharyngitis and relapses for a few months. The throat is congested. I am no longer afraid of air conditioning. The family is relieved and comfortable.

It is definitely worthwhile to invest thousands of dollars in the air. Buy a mobile phone less, buy a coatless, buy one less piece of furniture, buy a house of less than 1 square meter, and decorate it simply, and install an air purifier. )

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