To solve indoor air pollution problems, choose a fresh air system or an air purifier?

To solve indoor air pollution problems, choose a fresh air system or an air purifier?

Which is better for air handling equipment?

As effective equipment for dealing with indoor air pollution, fresh air systems and best air purifiers for smoking indoors are the two most popular choices. The fresh air system is called the “house breathing system” and is a new type of indoor ventilation and exhaust equipment. While the indoor dirty air is discharged outside, the outdoor fresh air is introduced into the room. A best air purifier indoor plants is a device that uses technical means to treat the particulate matter, microorganisms and gas pollution in indoor air and reduce its quantity.

Both devices can be used as household air handling equipment, but they work differently and have different effects on air pollution. The fresh air system is an open circulation system that provides fresh filtered outdoor air 24 hours a day, allowing people to breathe fresh, clean, high-quality air at all times. The use of air purifiers is affected by various factors. The influence is large, and the processing capacity decreases rapidly as the indoor air pollution increases. Although it can absorb some harmful substances such as dust, it cannot absorb harmful molecules in the air, and the quality of the air that has been repeatedly treated is greatly reduced.

The fresh air system has a stronger air handling capacity

In terms of the ability to handle air, the fresh air system reciprocally replaces the indoor and outdoor air, so that the indoors can be naturally ventilated without opening the window, and the popular Langshi heat recovery new fan can effectively save resources and maintain the indoor temperature allows the residents to improve their quality of life while being comfortable. The air purifier only removes dust, sterilizes and simply filters the indoor air. It cannot be completely cleaned like the fresh air system. The indoor air does not really circulate. The carbon dioxide concentration will not be reduced due to the operation of the air purifier, and the dirty air cannot be discharged outside.

In addition, from the point of use, the fresh air system can be used in villas, hotels, large-sized rooms and central air-conditioning, and need to be ventilated for fresh air, and air purifiers are used in small places such as homes or offices or coffee shops.


Although the price of the air purifier is cheaper than the fresh air system, the fresh air system is better than the air purifier, both on the applicable occasion and in the air handling capacity. Therefore, in order to truly solve the indoor air pollution problem, the fresh air The system is a better choice!

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