The invisible harmful substances in drinking water are eroding your body!

The invisible harmful substances in drinking water are eroding your body!

Water is the source of life
We have to drink water every day,
So what are the harmful substances commonly found in water?
What harm do these substances pose to our health?
Let’s take a look at the hazards of common substances in the water today.

The main harmful substances in drinking water
Visible to the naked eye: red worms, sediment, suspended matter, particulate matter, colloids. (excluding calcium magnesium carbonate precipitate)
Invisible substances: microorganisms (bacteria, viruses), heavy metals, lead, mercury, chromium (hexavalent chromium) exist in an ionic state.
Residual chlorine: the cause of cancer. (trihalomethanes, and carbon tetrachloride)
Organic Compounds: The World Health Organization has detected 2,221 chemical substances in tap water, of which more than 300 have been identified as carcinogens and suspected carcinogens. These include fertilizers, pesticide residues, hormones, antibiotic residues, and nitrites.

The harm of unqualified water to the human body
Cause kidney burden, reduce kidney function, lead to kidney failure, severe cases have to change kidneys.
The quality of the raw materials of the cells is degraded and the immune function is lowered.
The body’s sensitivity to environmental changes is reduced, and the ability to be protected from harm is reduced.

How to achieve healthy drinking water
Please install the household water purifier
1, the relationship between water and stomach
When heavy metals in the water enter the stomach, it will destroy the intestinal mucosa and kill some of the beneficial bacteria (digestive enzymes), leading to gastrointestinal diseases, such as: “gastritis, stomach ulcers, gastric perforation, colitis, and other chronic diseases.” Said water pollution is one of the important reasons for the formation of gastrointestinal diseases.
2, the relationship between water and kidney
The kidney is made up of several glomeruli, and the body needs about 5 kg of water per day. The polluted water enters the kidneys of the human body, and the excessive concentration of pollutants in the water causes the excretion burden of the kidneys to increase, and at the same time increases the incidence of stone disease.
3, the relationship between water and liver
One of the functions of the liver is to process and filter blood. The pollution of water quality will promote the quality of blood, and form hepatitis, cirrhosis and even liver disease. Polluted water molecules enter the heart through the blood circulation, and are transported to thousands of blood vessels. Therefore, the quality of water pollution is one of the main causes of liver disease.
4, the relationship between water and blood vessels
The length of human blood vessels is added together. It can be around the earth for two and a half weeks. The lumen of the blood vessels is very narrow. The heavy metals in the blood combined with the oil to form a thrombus factor. As the blood flows, it blocks in the stenosis, causing cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, etc. Vascular disease. Therefore, the quality of water pollution is also one of the causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
5. The relationship between water and cancer
The biggest characteristic of cancer cells is anaerobic. During the process of decomposition, a large amount of oxygen is absorbed, which causes the organic matter in the water to exceed the standard. The human environment hypoxic cancer cells can survive and reproduce. Therefore, water pollution is also one of the important causes of high cancer diseases.

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