The principle of air purifier analysis.

The principle of air purifier analysis.

Air purifiers have gradually become another major household electrical appliance after TV, refrigerator, washing machine, and air conditioner, but many consumers are still in a state of ignorance of best and cheap air purifiers, so it is better to take a moment to understand the principle of air purifiers today, so that not only I have mastered my knowledge and I know what kind of air purifier is good.

At present, the mainstream household air purifiers on the market work mainly in the following ways:
The first is the principle of passive adsorption filtration air purification.
Passive air purification is the use of a fan to pump air into the machine, through the built-in filter to filter the air, mainly to filter dust, odor, disinfection and so on. This type of filter-type air purifier uses HEPA filter + activated carbon filter + photocatalyst (cold catalyst, multi-catalyst) + ultraviolet disinfection + electrostatic adsorption filter to process air. Among them, HEPA (High-Efficiency particulate air filter), Chinese means high-efficiency air filter, HEPA net is characterized by air passing through but fine particles can not pass. The HEPA filter consists of a continuous, pre-folded, sub-glass fiber membrane that forms a wavy gasket for placement and support of the filter boundary. Note: The role of HEPA plays a vital role in the purifier. A good HEPA filter determines the quality of the air purifier, such as Blueair’s SmokeStopTM deodorization and deodorization composite filter, which is equipped with Blueair. The HEPASilent technology enables the particles entering the purifier to be charged. The filter itself is a high-efficiency and low-resistance material. Together with the advanced inlet and outlet vents, the filter can filter a large amount of air pollutants with low air resistance, including Various harmful chemical gases and odors such as formaldehyde, VOC, and benzene ensure that Blueair achieves “two lows and one high” for indoor air purification systems: low wind resistance, low noise, and high efficiency. Efficient light sound during low-speed operation, allowing users to breathe fresh and pure air in peace.
The second working principle is the active air purification principle.
Active air purifiers and dual purifying air purifiers on the market generally only choose one active purification technology. At present, there are mainly silver ion purification technology, negative ion technology, low-temperature plasma technology, photocatalytic technology, and plasma ion group technology. The fundamental difference between the active air purification principle and the passive air purification principle is that the active air purifier is free from the limitations of the fan and the filter screen, and does not passively wait for the indoor air to be pumped into the purifier for filtration and purification, and then It is discharged through the fan, but effectively and actively releases the purification and sterilization factor into the air. Through the diffuse nature of the air, it reaches the corners of the room and purifies the air without dead angle.

There is also a special purifier for kitchen fume.
The soot purifiers on the market use high-pressure electrostatic adsorption to treat the fumes. Therefore, the interior of the lampblack purifier is equipped with a unique oil suction unit. Through the lampblack purifier, under the action of the high-voltage plasma electric field, the tiny oil particles are ionized and charged, and the charged tiny particles are collected by the adsorption unit, which flows into and deposits into the oil storage tank of the lampblack purifier. The harmful gas inside is sterilized by the ozone generated in the electric field, and the odor is removed, and the harmful gas is removed. The removal rate of the soot is detected by the monitoring department recognized by the State Environmental Protection Administration, and the clean air is discharged through the air outlet to meet the standard discharge.
The electric field of the lampblack purifier adopts a two-zone electric field structure, so that the electrostatic field energy can uniformly reach a large average electric field intensity, which greatly increases the purification area of ​​the electric field, and the electric field and the soot particles are combined for a longer time, thereby determining the time. The snow poly fume purifier has an extremely high fume removal efficiency.
The electric field of the lampblack purifier is modularized and can be assembled according to the air volume. The electric field of the two-zone electric field is good, easy to disassemble, not deformed, and easy to clean and maintain. The soot purifier operates with low noise, low resistance, and low operating costs. The lampblack purifier has a high safety factor and a better high-voltage connection design. The electric field will be automatically powered off when the door is opened. In addition, the power supply of the lampblack purifier is a DC superimposed pulse power supply with relatively new technology, and the double current form makes the soot more easily ionized. , adsorption. The power supply also has automatic overload, overvoltage, open circuit, and open circuit protection while ensuring the purifying effect of the purifier, and the use is safer and more assured. The inlet and outlet ports can be interchanged at will, which is convenient for on-site installation. The lampblack purifier has high purification efficiency and can remove most of the odor after being tested.

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