The harm of fruits and vegetables to the human body

The harm of fruits and vegetables to the human body

In daily life, many farmers lack the scientific knowledge of pesticide use and pesticide abuse. In order to fight for the morning market of fruits and vegetables, early maturing technology is adopted. The use of chemical agents and hormonal substances promotes the ripening of fruits and vegetables beyond their growth stages.
Some fruit and vegetable farmers are rushing to sell on the market in violation of the safety period after applying pesticides, resulting in pesticide residues in fruit and vegetable products exceeding national standards, which not only pollute the ecological environment but also seriously damage the health of consumers.
According to statistics, in recent years, there have been repeated cases of pesticide poisoning of fruits and vegetables in the country due to accidental consumption, and Guangdong Province is the first in the country. According to the statistics of the relevant departments of Guangdong Province, only pesticides and food poisoning of fruits and vegetables are more than 1,000 per year.
Studies have shown that long-term accumulation of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables in the human body can cause chronic poisoning, which is more terrible than acute poisoning. It is mainly through bioconcentration, and the two ways of fruit and vegetable residues pose a threat to human health, resulting in many chronic diseases. disease. Such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, liver disease, cancer and so on. It is even more difficult to predict and prevent: the accumulation of pesticides in the human body will be passed on to the next generation through pregnancy and breastfeeding, and the health of future generations.
Modern people often have such experience. The body looks very strong. However, some common diseases such as colds, diarrhea, fever, headaches, etc., have to take a few pills and a few shots in the past, but now it will not work. Do not drip, hang the bottle. In the past, a few dollars can cure a disease, but now it costs a few tens of dollars or even a hundred dollars. The residual pesticides of fruits and vegetables accumulate in the human body for a long time, causing excessive toxins in the body, resulting in drug resistance and drug resistance. People are born with immunity against bacterial invasion. When viruses and bacteria suddenly overshoot, people, get acute diseases, while viruses and bacteria invade, human immune function can be fully carried, and the human body will not be abnormal. Changes, but this long-term accumulation is even more terrible, and the accumulation of quantitative changes will inevitably lead to qualitative changes. When people suffer from hemiplegia due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, when diabetes causes multiple complications, when cancer cells are fissile, proliferating, and distracting by geometric multiples, they regret it late.
How can we eliminate pesticide residues? The jerking fruit and vegetable detoxification machine can help us solve these problems. Don’t use it with confidence. Let’s take a look at how Jiekang fruit and vegetable detoxification machine detoxifies it.
1. Degradation of residual pesticides, environmental protection, and safety: Residues in fruits and vegetables, antibiotics, hormones and other substances in meat. Jerking household fruit and vegetable disinfection machine fully degrade residual pesticides, so you can enjoy it with confidence.
2. Preservation of fruits and vegetables, antibacterial nutrition: It can kill bacteria in fruits and vegetables, inhibit the growth of bacteria, and keep fruits and vegetables fresh and delicious.
3. Used for deodorization and food preservation of refrigerators.
4. Purify water quality: It can remove harmful substances such as odor, bacteria, heavy metal ions and various organic impurities in water; it can also decolorize and aerate the water to make water clear and transparent.
5. Purify the air: remove the harmful gases released from new furniture and newly painted walls, eliminate the smell of paint, kill bacteria in the air, effectively maintain the health of the human respiratory tract, prevent the infection of germs; decompose the leaked gas, liquefied gas, Prevent poisoning.
6. Human health: Soaking the bath with ozone water, washing your face, washing your feet can remove fungi, treat Hong Kong feet, promote blood circulation, activate cells, accelerate metabolism, and achieve body health.
7. Deodorant and mildew in wardrobes and shoe cabinets.
8. It can be used for sterilization of daily necessities: such as tableware, dental utensils, clothing, towels, baby bottles, baby toys, women’s inner clothes, etc.
· Remove fruit and vegetable toxins, break down meat hormones, and extend preservation time
After the power is turned on, put the foamer into the bottom of the container filled with water, start-up, and operation, and then oxidize and decompose pesticide residues and catalysts of fruits and vegetables, degrade meat antibiotics, harsh residues, fish, shrimp, shellfish and other seafood products. After using this machine, the smell can be removed, harmful bacteria and antibiotics can be removed, and the meat is fresh and elastic, and the taste is quite good. Fruits and vegetables do not need high-temperature treatment, directly use the machine to remove bacteria and bacteria, so that nutrition can not be lost.
·Tableware, bottles, towels, clothes sterilization
Put the tableware or other items into the container, then put the foaming device into the water to start, and at the same time, with a small amount of detergent to remove the oil stain, after 15 minutes, it can achieve the effect of removing bacteria and purifying, clearing and refreshing. Bottles, toothbrushes and other supplies are soaked in water for 10 minutes to prevent infections such as hepatitis. The water can also bleach the surface of the clothes, remove bacteria and remove dirt, and reduce the amount of washing powder and water.
·Daily drinking water purification, homemade mineral water
Put the foamer into the water (limited to 20 kg) for about 10 minutes, remove the residual chlorine in the water, remove the bacteria, oxidize and decompose iron, manganese and inorganic substances, and enhance the dissolved oxygen in the water. For direct drinking, it is necessary to reduce 02 in water after 20 minutes of the shutdown, and then drink.
·Aquarium sterilization, aeration, anti-lesion
The foamer is directly injected into the water tank, and the oxygen molecules enter the water to release single ecological oxygen, which can eliminate bacteria, toxic impurities, and prevent the uneaten fish from rot. About 5 minutes a day, it is effective for controlling parasites, rotten diseases, erythema, squamous, micro-bacteria on fish skin, and can reduce the number of water changes, saving time and energy.

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