The role of air purifiers and tips for use

The role of air purifiers and tips for use

The role of air purifiers, as well as tips for use. With the rapid development of the economy, the quality and requirements of people’s lives have been continuously improved, and various new types of electrical appliances have also entered the family life. The following small series will lead you to understand the role of the air purifier, as well as the use of skills.
The role of air purifiers and tips
What is an air purifier
Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners, air purifiers, purifiers, can be decomposed, adsorbed, or converted into various air pollutants (generally including PM 2.5, pollen, dust, odor, formaldehyde, etc.) Products that can effectively improve the cleanliness of the air, such as pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc., are mainly divided into commercial, household, building, and industrial.
The role of the air purifier
The air purifier has various functions such as odor removal and anti-inflammatory. It takes only 40 minutes to effectively remove harmful gases such as pm 2.5. For every problem of odor, sterilization and formaldehyde removal, every brand of air purifier can be realized. In a word, its main function is to provide users with healthy, clean and safe air.
The role of air purifiers and tips
The role of air purifiers and tips
Air purifier tips
1, the position of daily use is very important, as far as possible not to rely on walls, furniture, it is best to be placed in the middle of the house, or when leaving the wall more than one meter away from the use.
2. According to the pollution situation of the environment, activate the China best air purifier to clean the air. For example, an air purifier that purifies PM 2.5 pollution is preferably used when the atmosphere is heavily polluted or the indoor environment is contaminated so that an excellent purification effect can be obtained. If the quality of the air is very good, there is no need to open the air purifier for a long time. It can be used with a humidifier during summer and winter, so the effect is optimal.
3. Daily maintenance and cleaning of the purifier in time, and an electrostatic adsorption purifier for cleaning the signal lamp. When the signal light is on, it means that the dust collection is full, and the dust collecting plate must be cleaned in time.
4. During the use process, pay attention to observe the actual purification effect of the Olansi air purifier. If it is found that the purification effect has a significant drop, or if the air purifier is turned on and there is an odor, then the filter material should be replaced in time, and the filter should be cleaned. The device is over.
5. Pay attention to safety when using it. When using an electrostatic adsorption air purifier, focus on avoiding direct contact with children because the voltage is too high to avoid life-threatening electric shock. High-efficiency filters and activated carbon filter cartridges should be kept away from fire when used, to prevent smokers from falling into the fire and to prevent accidental fires.
6. The purifier with high-efficiency filtering function can often check the filter element and replace the indicator light. If there is no indicator light, you can open the machine and check the pollution of the filter element. If the filter element turns black, you need to replace the new filter element immediately.

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