What is the working principle of the air purifier?

What is the working principle of the air purifier?

The air purifier is mainly composed of a motor, a fan, an air filter and the like. The working principle is that the motor and the fan in the machine circulate the indoor air.

The polluted air passes through the air filter in the machine to remove or adsorb various pollutants. Some models of air purifiers also install an negative ion generator at the air outlet (the high voltage in the negative ion generator generates DC negative during operation). High pressure), the air is continuously ionized, a large amount of negative ions are generated, and is sent by the micro fan to form a negative ion airflow, so as to clean and purify the air.

Main species

1. Passive adsorption filtration purification principle (filter purification)

The main principle of the passive air purifier is to use the fan to pump air into the machine and filter the air through the built-in filter, which can mainly filter dust, odor, toxic gas and kill some bacteria. The filter screen is mainly divided into: a particulate filter and an organic filter. The particulate filter is further divided into a coarse filter screen and a fine particle filter screen.
2, active purification principle (no filter type)

The fundamental difference between the principle of an active top rated air purifier and the principle of passive air purging is that the active air purifier is free of the limitations of the fan and the filter.

It is not passively waiting for the indoor air to be pumped into the purifier for filtration and purification. Instead, it effectively and actively releases the purification and sterilization factor into the air. Through the characteristics of air diffusion, it can reach the corners of the room to clean the air without dead angle.
3, double purification class (active purification + passive purification)

This type of purifier combines passive purification technology with active purification technology.

Extended information:
Purification effect
First compare it from air purification efficiency. In the air purifier of the passive adsorption purification mode, since most of the air purifiers are used in the mode of the fan + filter, the flow of the air using the air is inevitably dead.

Therefore, passive air purification can only produce a certain purification effect around the air purifier. It takes a long time to filter all the indoor air, which is difficult to produce an effect on the purification of the entire indoor environment.

Active air purification utilizes the diffuse nature of air to bring the purification factor to all corners for air purification. The air can diffuse to the place where it can be purified.

Comparing with the negative ion air purifier, it is found that after the negative ions are released from the air, the negative ions can actively attack, find the pollutants in the air, and agglomerate into a group, and actively settle them. From this point of view, active air purification has obvious advantages.
The negative ion air purifier is different, not only can effectively remove particulate pollutants in the air, decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde, provide clean air to the indoor environment, and provide air negative ions that have an efficient effect on human health care in the indoor environment. Make indoor air quality the standard of “healthy air”.

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