The structure of air purifier

The structure of air purifier

The shape of the air purifier is mainly composed of case shell, filter section, duct design, motor, power supply, and LCD display screen. Lifelong determination is the motor, which can determine the purification efficiency of the filter section. You can determine whether the quiet duct design, chassis housing, filter section motor or not.

Air purifier mainly includes motor, fan, air filter, intelligent monitoring system components, some types of machines with water tank humidification function, or secondary purification devices, such as negative ion generator, high voltage circuit, etc. Always. The air filter is one of the core components. In fact, other purification devices only play a secondary role. The effect of air purifier is the most important factor that directly affects the quality of the air filter.

Motor and fan: As an air purifier fan motor is also an important core component, its main role is to control the air cycle. Before blowing in clean air, the contaminated air is sucked into the filter.

Air filters (filters): Most air purifiers are commercially available to achieve the main goal of purifying air through filters, which are divided into organic particulate matter filters and filters, as are you. Particle filters are divided into coarse filters and fine filters. Formaldehyde removal organic filter, odor filter, activated carbon filter, charcoal pole cylinder [1], etc. Each screen is mainly different from the target source, and the filtering principle is the same.

Water tank: With the increasing attention of consumers to an air purifier, the function of air purification is not only limited to air purification, only need to increase the structure design of water tank, but also can regenerate air, and the basic task is to complete the role of humidification.

Intelligent monitoring system: Intelligent monitoring system is easy to real-time understand the difference of good judgment of air quality monitoring device built-in as an air quality monitor. Consumers can use air purifiers according to air quality conditions. You can choose not only an intelligent monitoring system but also the service life of water level monitoring of filter tank and users. Friendly understanding of the operation of the air purifier.

Negative Ion Generator and High Voltage Circuit: As a secondary purification, clean air with negative ions is usually sent. Anions have the functions of sedation, hypnosis, analgesia, promoting appetite and lowering blood pressure. After the thunderstorm, people felt comfortable, that is, negative ion air added sake. Reducing air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes, and other reactive oxygen species (oxygen free radicals) anions can reduce excessive reactive oxygen species in the human body.

Disinfection mode: There are electrostatic air purification devices on the structure. There are three kinds of products on the market: flat air purification device structure, hexagonal honeycomb channel air purification device, air purification hole channel, and disinfection device.

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