Information on purchasing air purifiers

Information on purchasing air purifiers

The shape of the air purifier is mainly composed of case shell, filter section, duct design, motor, power supply, and LCD display screen. Lifelong determination is the motor, which can determine the purification efficiency of the filter section. You can determine whether the quiet duct design, chassis housing, filter section motor or not.

Air purifier mainly includes motor, fan, air filter, intelligent monitoring system components, some types of machines with water tank humidification function, or secondary purification devices, such as negative ion generator, high voltage circuit, etc. Always. The air filter is one of the core components. In fact, other purification devices only play a secondary role. The effect of air purifier is the most important factor that directly affects the quality of the air filter. Purchase of air purifiers

First is the filter. The adsorption capacity of pollutants (high-density HEPA filters, etc.) can reach 99.9% of 0.3 microns.

Second, purification efficiency. The room is very large. You need to choose an air purifier with unit purified air volume. For example, an indoor air purifier of 15 square meters should choose an air purifier of 120 cubic meters per hour.

The third is a useful life. When the bile of the purifying filter is saturated, the adsorption capacity of the purifying device decreases, so consumers should choose the regenerated intestine of the purifying filter to prolong its life.

Fourth, the layout of the room. In addition to the 360-degree circular design of the inlet and outlet of the air filter, as well as the inlet and outlet of the wind, you can also choose a ring from the product’s wind design, as well as products placed unrestricted on the handle of the room.

Fifth, demand. HEPA fume, suspended particles, bacteria, and viruses are selected according to the types of pollutants needed for an air purifier, which has a strong purification effect, and catalytically activated carbon odor and harmful gas purification effect is better.

Sixth, after-sales service. After you need to replace the boiling manufacturer’s filter failure, you need to choose the perfect after-sales service of the company’s products.

According to the demand point of purification, it can be divided into the air purifier.

(1) Pure type. If the indoor humidity is low, or the air quality requirements are not high, please buy a real air purifier to meet your needs.

(2) Purification and humidification types. If you are in a dry place, air conditioning is usually caused by indoor air conditioning or air-dried dehumidifiers or higher air quality requirements, then it would be a good choice to buy air purifiers with humidification and purification functions. The next celebrity of LG air purifier also has natural humidification technology, science, and technology to evaporate water through windmill or disc filter to remove harmful substances from the tray and rotate to

(3) Intelligence. If you reflect automation, intelligent monitoring of air quality or high taste, or if there is a better gift demand, then the purchase of an intelligent air purifier is the best choice.

(4) If the vehicle is used to purify the air inside the vehicle, it needs special cleaning of the odor inside the vehicle, automobile pollution such as formaldehyde, and special vehicle-mounted air purifier because it can, which is the best choice for the vehicle-mounted air purifier.

(5) Desktop. It is placed in a certain range of clean air on the desktop and desktop to protect human health near the desktop air purifier. If it’s not a small indoor area or a public place, rather than a fashion, but a desktop air purifier in front of a computer, a front desk or a desk, it’s worth buying a large air purifier with your own money. Choose better.

(6) Medium size. Mainly suitable for larger indoor applications, such as family hall, senior bank office, senior administrative office, important auditorium and conference hall, hotel, hospital, beauty salon, kindergarten, etc.

(7) Type of central air conditioning system. Mainly suitable for central air conditioning, installation of ceiling or in a single room or multiple rooms with purification conditions.

Household air purifiers, in the medical and industrial fields, have a single application of the market of household air purifiers, the mainstream products of the household sector. The main function is to remove particles in the air, including allergens, indoor PM 2.5, etc. But to solve indoor decoration and other reasons, you can use air purifier indoor air pollution in underground space and room is internationally recognized as a way to improve indoor air quality, because it is relatively narrow. The release of air pollutants in space is a persistent and uncertain characteristic. It’s one.

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