The United States recently announced plans to expand world air quality monitoring

The United States recently announced plans to expand world air quality monitoring


During my trip to China, I saw directly how air pollution affects the health of the whole region, especially the air quality of India. After all, we have been actively building a brand to contain problems and make residents breathe more comfortably than ever before. Obviously, we are not alone.

The United States recently announced plans to expand global air quality monitoring to raise awareness of air pollution overseas and to ensure that unqualified aviation regulations do not affect American citizens in border countries.

Secretary of State John Kerry announced last week. He announced that the U.S. government would work with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to extend preventive air quality monitoring to Vietnam, Mongolia, and India. The worst air quality in the world.

The outreach program came about after years of research on air pollution in China, which the United States has been monitoring. Since 2008, the U.S. Embassy in China has been monitoring PM 2.5 suspended particulate matter content, which is more harmful to human health than ever before. The watch has not been approved by Chinese officials, but the intensification has put them under pressure to pay more attention to their own air quality regulations.

John Kerry and the EPA hope that similar results will begin to materialize once their new plans are launched in other countries of the world.

What do you have in mind? Do you understand the efforts of the United States to improve air quality in India and other countries? Or do you just want our government to worry about our own backyard air quality? As a global supplier of breathable air, we are pleased to hear about any efforts to improve air quality.

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