The water purifier is too poor to be loaded, poor, but not sick for a lifetime.

The water purifier is too poor to be loaded, poor, but not sick for a lifetime.

According to a World Health Organization (WHO) survey, 80% of diseases worldwide and 50% of child deaths are associated with poor drinking water quality. Due to water pollution, 50 million children die every year, 35 million suffer from cardiovascular disease, 70 million suffer from stone disease, 90 million suffer from hepatitis, and 30 million die from liver cancer and stomach cancer. Drinking water pollution has become the most important water environmental problem due to the increasing number of new diseases caused by water pollution. People are increasingly concerned about the safety of drinking water.

But the water that comes out of the faucet, I dare not take it lightly!

● This is the water that is connected to the faucet after the water is stopped!

Is the water you drink now safe? Unsafe drinking water can cause harm to the body:

1. Cause kidney burden, reduce kidney function, lead to kidney failure, and severely change kidney.

2. The quality of the raw materials of the cells is degraded and the immune function is decreased.

3. The body’s sensitivity to environmental changes is reduced, and the ability to avoid damage is reduced.
Please refer to the following authoritative report: Today’s drinking habits will determine the health status after 10 years. People are used to drinking boiled water, while tap water, rust, residual chlorine, trihalomethane, heavy metal lead, mercury and bacterial viruses are also in the tap water. It cannot be removed by boiling.

● Look at the color of the replaced water purifier filter!

Did you see the mud? Especially when the hand touches the filter element that has just been replaced, the sticky hand has a feeling of collapse.

Once and for all, the water pollution incident has caused everyone to panic again and again. I really don’t know if the air we breathe or the water we drink is still clean. Every crisis event constantly refreshes our worldview. Sometimes I even sigh, it’s not easy to live!

There is a saying that is good! People take food for the day, food for the water, and water for the net. Water purifiers should be popular sooner or later, you can wait, your kidneys can’t afford!

If you don’t use a water purifier, will these pollutants and impurities be drunk by us? In the long run, can our body survive? Is our kidney still okay?

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