What are the advantages and disadvantages of water purifier? How to replace the filter

What are the advantages and disadvantages of water purifier? How to replace the filter

The demand for water purifiers is getting bigger and bigger. What many people care about is what is the role of water purifiers? What are the disadvantages? And how to install and replace the filter cartridge! So today we will talk about its advantages and disadvantages and how to install and replace the filter cartridge!

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Water purifier advantages:

Save water time

The water filtered by the water purifier can be directly consumed, helping to reduce the trouble of boiling water and the time of waiting for water in the home, and the purified tap water is convenient to use, helping to save cooking time in the home.

Drinking water safely and securely

Simple boiling water can only reduce macromolecular impurities and metal ions in water, but the home water purifier can effectively filter out other substances in the water, from large sediment powder to small molecular ions, leaving only water and a small amount of small molecules. The passage is more thorough than the water-burning sterilization, and the water quality is more assured.

Easy to use

Household water purifiers are generally used with the use of the water, greatly reducing the water purification time in the home, and the amount of water processed daily with the advancement of technology is also increasing, able to meet the daily needs of the home, saving consumers time cost.

Saving indoor space

There is a hot sale water purifier in the house, and the ordinary water dispenser has no use. The household water purifier is smaller in appearance than the water dispenser, and is placed in the hidden part of the kitchen, which does not affect the overall visual effect of the home. Can effectively save indoor space.

Water purifier advantages and disadvantages

Water purifier shortcomings:

Large amount of wastewater

The higher the filtration accuracy of the water purifier, the larger the wastewater rate. The RO membrane is the core component of the deep water purifier. The working process is actually a liquid concentration process, so the ratio of clean water and wastewater of the general water purifier. It may reach 1:3, and the amount of wastewater is also 1:1.

Less water nutrition

The higher the accuracy of the water purifier, the more thorough the filtration of water. When the harmful substances in the water are removed, the mineral elements beneficial to the human body are also filtered. Therefore, after the water purifier, we drink clean pure water. Replenishing people’s water needs, but lacking mineral needs.

Inconvenient maintenance

According to the pipeline, the water purifier can be divided into two types: gradual tightening and self-cleaning. The inside of the gradual tightening type is a five-stage filtering passage. The dirt will deposit inside the filter element, so regular manual washing and dismounting is required to ensure the normal machine. Work, self-cleaning water purifiers can be automatically cleaned, but regular inspections are also essential.

High cost

The water purifiers on the market now vary greatly according to the price difference between the brand and the filter membrane. The price of the water purification equipment of the big brand is relatively high. Although the cost of use is lower than that of the bottled water, the installation cost is relatively low. Higher, but in the long run, water purifiers are more economical than bottled water.

Filter replacement

How to replace the filter

1. Close the water inlet ball valve on the three-way ball valve of the water purifier, and open the remaining water in the net faucet emptying machine;

2. Hold the main filter element horizontally (inward) about 90 degrees, and take out the filter element downwards;

3. Open the new filter package, remove the filter cover, insert the vertical alignment head upwards, turn it horizontally (outwardly) about 90 degrees, and gently shake the main core to ensure safety and prevent leakage;

4. Open the inlet ball valve. At this time, the water tap is not closed. After a few seconds, the water is discharged. Let it be self-discharged for 10 minutes. First, activate the filter to ensure the filtration function and prolong the service life. Second, there may be a small amount of activated carbon powder rushing out to cause deep. Color water to be cleared;

5. Observe whether the main core leaks. After 10 minutes, turn off the clean tap and the installation is complete.

After reading this article about the advantages and disadvantages of the water purifier and how the water purifier replaces the filter element, I hope to help you.

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