USB Car Air Purifier Market Trends

Olansi USB car air purifier K05



Olansi car air purifier K05,

Super clean, fully loaded with health.

Sleek curved body design,

The lines are smooth and full of beauty.

Touch a key to start, easy operation.


360° intake hole, more air intake,

Fully capture car pollutants.


High-density barrel HEPA filter,

Folding mountain designed;

The unfolded area is up to 610cm2 and the number of folds is 61 kink.

High efficient filtration of bacteria, mold, smoke, dust,

Formaldehyde, PM2.5, second hand smoke, gasoline smell.


Strong turbo blower,

20 dB low noise operation.


5 million negative ions,

Instant clean air injection

Let your car in the forest oxygen bar.




45° elevation top outlet,

Air supply manifold is close to the human respiratory angle.


8m3/h purification capacity (CADR value),

Let the air in the car keep refreshing.


DC charging plug, plug and play.

The top handle, easy to move.

Steady cup shape, safety does not take up space.


Car Air Purifier K05,

Reducing forest air,

Breathe naturally, breath from nature.

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