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Home air purifier which brand is good? With more and more people aware of the seriousness of indoor air pollution on the severity of human health, home air purifier in recent years in China, immediately became the home appliance market, the best-selling home appliances. However, in the majority of consumers generally concerned about the “air purifier which brand is good”, “air purifier top ten brand name”, the air purifier in the course of what problems may be easily overlooked. Experts suggest: air purifier as an environmentally friendly technology products, it is difficult to ensure that the use of the process does not appear any problems, know in advance that the failure and the solution is the best choice!

What are the common problems with air purifiers? How can I solve some problems in the use of air purifier products? Maybe you will think that you can not buy directly after the sale? That if the door after the sale is not timely, the machine caused more serious damage how to do? After-sales phone, ask you what kind of failure, how do you answer? May wish to learn together under the air purifier several common faults and solutions it!

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Fault 1: high pressure indicator light does not turn on, the fan does not turn.


  1. Check if the fuse is blown, if it is broken, check the cause and replace it.
  2. Check the boost transformer coil is burned, you can use the multimeter to measure the resistance, if the coil open or short circuit, should replace the same type of transformer.
  3. Check the voltage rectifier circuit rectifier, the capacitor is damaged, the oscillator is stopped vibration. With a multimeter on the relevant components one by one detection, and then burn the bad vision, you can rule out the fault.

Fault 2: high pressure indicator light, but the fan does not turn. A


  1. Check whether the fan is caught by foreign matter, whether the bearing is seriously worn, if there is no exception, and then check the motor lead is broken and the winding is damaged. Can be measured with a multimeter, if the winding open or open circuit, should replace the same specifications of the fan motor.

If it is an anion air purifier, there may be the following failure:

Fault three: negative ion generator between the fire


With tweezers correction pole piece, if still ignition, air purifier can be moved to the air dry place trial, generally can rule out the fault.

Failure four: negative ion output concentration is low

Solution: first remove the filter and electrode dirt, correct positive and negative pieces, if invalid, and then check the high-voltage circuit, with a multimeter to check the boost transformer, rectifier, capacitors and so on.

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