Water Purifier Filter Replacement Guide

Water Purifier Filter Replacement Guide

“I am willing to buy a water purifier, not willing to change the filter”, which is a common psychology of many water purifier users.
Is the filter too expensive? Too lazy? Afraid of trouble?

Even if the ultra-filter core is very long, it doesn’t want to change.
Even if the machine reminds you several times, I don’t want to change it.
Or just buy a cheap “cottage” filter and put it on.
But Xiao An wants to remind me, but don’t “be a big loss”~
As the “core” component of the good quality water purifier, once the filter element is blocked or the quality is not enough, it is like a problem with the “heart and lung function” of the person, which not only has a poor filtering effect but also makes the whole machine dull.
Imagine if the filter element fails, what are the dirty things and bacteria that cannot be filtered?

The filter element will not change for a long time, it may…
1, the filter effect is weakened, can not be purified

The adsorption capacity of the filter element is saturated, and the filter effect of the blocked filter element is greatly reduced. At this time, the filter element is like “a cup full of water.” Continued use will not only achieve the purification effect but will also “overflow”, resulting in lower purity. If you continue to use this impure water, it will let harmful impurities enter the body and affect your health.
2, overload work, filter grade damage

Household water purifiers are generally filtered step by step. If the filter element is blocked, impurities such as sediment and rust in the water will enter the next-stage filter element, so that the filter element that was not responsible for filtering large particle impurities bears an extra burden, thereby shortening its life. Just because of the bad habit of “changing the filter cartridge from time to time”, you need to lose two or more filter cartridges.

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