What are the dangers of indoor pollution?

What are the dangers of indoor pollution?

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We spend almost 80% of our time indoors every day. Most people eat and sleep, including work almost indoors. Therefore, we have to start to pay attention to the indoor crisis.

What are the crises in the room? The World Health Organization released an air pollution report stating that outdoor air pollution kills 1.3 million people every year worldwide, and the number of indoor air pollution victims is even more so. Almost 2 million people are affected by indoor air pollution. Causes disease, in other words, due to the lack of indoor air, the indoor PM2.5 value will actually be much higher than the outdoor, so the real invisible killing or indoor PM2.5, instead of smog smoking and outdoor polluted air Inflow.

Two major reasons for making indoor PM2.5 exceed the standard:
First, according to related research, air conditioning, cooking, decoration pollution and dust accumulation are also very related to the deterioration of indoor air pollution environment. Most households have airborne dust and bacteria, mold exceeds the standard, and the most serious family bacteria exceed the central mall. 50 times of air conditioners, plus air conditioners are less cleaned. After several years of use, air conditioners are opened due to poor indoor air circulation. PM2.5 will float due to indoor people’s movements and be inhaled indoor air pollutants. Health has a great impact, early on, dry eyes, lethargy, memory loss, etc.;
Second, long-term exposure can cause scorpion pain, acute or chronic pharyngitis, etc. Long-term exposure to contaminated environment will lead to the development of lung and multiple organ diseases.

In addition to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, there are also allergic asthma, rash, sick building syndrome, etc., so in the face of such a powerful indoor ‘crisis’, can we still sit still and think about it? To have a healthy and comfortable living environment, the best way to ensure the freshness and health of the indoor air is to choose a high-quality air purifier.

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